Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Summary of Year 2006

  • Jan-Mac
    Skipping classes, partying and drinking like there's no tomorrow and enjoying CNY with the inevitably loss making gambling sessions.

  • Mac-Apr
    Preparation for college exams and yet, the occasional partying...

  • Mid-Apr
    1 week break from the books, celebration of my birthday, and thank god I pass the college exams!

  • May-Jun
    Preparation for ACCA exams with enormous guilt and regret for the minimal effort I've paid to attending classes all these while...

  • Jul-Aug
    Independence declared! Holiday in Redang and graduation(mom & dad getting a lil bit mushy, their daughter finally graduated from college). By the end of Aug, got the ACCA exam results in a letter reading... The following are your results from the June 2006 session examination.................
    Paper 3.5 SBPD Fail
    Paper 3.6 ACR Fail
    Paper 3.7 SFM Fail

  • Sept-Dec
    Determined plans to study realllyy hard for the resit, but still... making plans and realising them rarely come together for me. Am currently worried sick about failing again!

Conclusion of 2006:
Have accomplished nothing in this year - neither studying like I should've been nor partying like I've wished to. Wasted 1/2 year of my precious youth resisting the urge to party hard but instead attempting to study hard,and yet still failing the exams..

Forecasts of 2007:
Probably going to work my ass off on my first corporate 9-5 job, with a less than attractive pay. And probably will fail the coming exam in Dec 2006, resulting in yet another resit in Jun 2007.