Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine for the sake of Valentine

Valentine's day is around the corner. Ever wonder the origins of Valentine's Day??? Well, apparently there's this guy near Roman named St. Valentine whom was a priest in about the year 270 A.D.He were blah blah blah and blah.....(mind me, I'm a bit low on the capacity for history)

Anyway, it doesn't really matter except for knowing whom to thank / blame for the existence of Valentine's Day.

In the 21st century I personally think that Valentine's Day gives most guys out there a hard time.For example, where should I take her out for dinner, what gift should I buy for her, what are the plans after dinner, should I buy her flowers, will I look hilarous with the bouquet of flowers that i carry out of the florist shop, are flowers really a necessity on Valentine's Day,how could I make her feel happy n special with the limited budget i have and etc etc.... (So guys out there is it true????)

Well, here comes the girl's point of view, or at least my point of view. I personally think that Valentine's day is a bit boring. It's the day when couples have to do all the cliches. First you book a table for two, then on the day itself you receive flowers, go for dinner where you can't order ala carte because everything comes in love-birds-set, exchange valentine presents, then you finish your night off with a stroll or maybe in the bed ............ and finally the next day you try to preserve the flowers you received and ended up with mosquitos all over the place.

It may sound unromantic, but please do not think that Valentine's Day is not important to we girls out there. It may be a cliche, however it is a validation day. The day we know how far a guy would go to impress us, the day we know how foolish you look with the bouquet of flowers in your hands, the day that we look forward to be showered with gifts and the day where we make a conclusion of how much in love he is with me....

Anyway enough of my personal opinion. I would like to end all these with wishing all couples out there,.......... Happy Valentine's Day / Happy Validation Day!