Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bombshell of the Day

My job requires me to do heavy travelling. Six months in the company, I've been travelling to JB (twice), IPH, PG, Cambodia and Malacca-Not that it's any place fantastic. Some of my friends go gaagagwaaa about my job. They think that travelling, living by the suitcase and staying in 5 stars to no stars hotels is fun and adventurous. Well, 50% of the time I should say I enjoy it... and another 50%, let's not babble about that now.

However, few hours ago my boss dropped me a bombshell and the bombing session goes like that....

Boss: Pei Yee, where are you now?

PY : Working in Malacca (** Duh... You send me there**)

Boss: Are you ok with going to SG next monday? You'll be allocated there for 2 weeks.

PY : No, I've to attend a wedding dinner next sunday in IPH. Can you send somebody else?

Boss: No, there's no other staff available. I have no other choice but to send you. So can you do it? No worries, you can go back to IPH during the weekend.

PY : Okay.. (**like I have any other choices**). So I'll be flying to SG on monday morning?

Boss: Yeah, bout that... You'll be driving down from KL to JB. Reason being you'll be staying in JB and driving to SG to work every morning. You see, client says the hotels in SG are expensive. Two to three times the price in JB. So the client put you guys to this plan.

PY : Alright. (**Thanks a bunch for the great job Boss!**)

Well so much so for the wedding dinner I'm looking forward to attend looking drop dead gorgeous. I'll still be attending, but probably looking exhausted and drained out of energy........
And this is my GREAT GAAGAGWAA job.