Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Preparing for "Bling Bling Night"

Annual dinner is just around the corner and the theme of the night is "Bling Bling Night".

If you can't catch what the theme is all about, which I'm not absolutely sure too, should be wear something that shimmers, glimmers and glitters. Well, the PLAIN-JANE me (hehehe..) does not own much clothing with the bling bling effect, perhaps I actually do but have accidentally forgotten or misplaced them.

I turned to Zhi Zhi and said, "Maybe you should lend me your butterfly outfit which you bought for the purpose of your annual dinner performance...", and we laughed our ass off the floor!!! (fyi: the butterfly outfit looks ridiculous and does not have the slightest butterfly effect :P)

This post is specially dedicated to my lovely housemate - Zhi Zhi