Monday, January 29, 2007


What matters most at the end of the day is just for you to know that there is that someone special caring and comforting you no matter how bad things are....
  1. To know that he would take your side no matter what
  2. To know that he would bring you chicken soup when you are sick
  3. To know that he'll always return your calls and mean it when he says so
  4. To know that he is actually afraid that you would leave the world before him

For those of you whom think you have found that special someone, Congratulations! But don't take it for granted... For us, we shall keep on searching for the other half of us, hopefully that one day we would be able to love like we had never been hurt.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Recently I had received a very disappointing comment from a friend.

Pei Yee, you don't take relationships seriously. (Do I?) If you are, you would have quited partying with your friends on every weekend, and instead try to spend some time with your boyfriend... Or at least do the partying together with your boyfriend.

Well I do spend valuable time with my boyfriend. But what's wrong with the weekend night hangout with my gal friends? Why is it that when girls go out partying would be accused of not committed to the boyfriend but when girlfriends disagreeing with guys going out partying would be called a control freak???

I think we girls could also enjoy a beer session as much as guys do. It is not a scientific factual that girls would only go to Starbucks/Coffee Bean......

Monday, January 8, 2007

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder??? NO!

My 2006 has ended sweetly, romantically and happily. Frankly speaking, I thought I was one of those few lucky girls who seems to have it all for a moment...

But then again, what's life without some drama. As if in a shooting, the director suddenly just zap me out of my sweetest dreams and poured me with some nightmares that could probably haunt me for the rest of my life!

To put it short, it was some betrayal, mistrust and hurtful... With some tears shed, words yelled and regrettable actions done - enough, it's time to stand up for myself again. I've been riding the roller coaster for the past weekend! Exciting but did not get to the root of anything.

Life goes on...
I still drag my ass up in the morning unwillingly, relying on ciggies and coffee to wake myself up in the morning (definitely not a morning kiss.. it never did) ...

I still spend at least ten minutes in the morning figuring out what to wear to work, which leaves me rushing later...

I still get stucked in horrible traffic jams at sprint highway, jln kuching, jln tun razak, jln ampang , jln yap kwan seng and etc etc, occasionally cursing other drivers #@$#!%**@#$...

I still yearned for happy hour with the budget getting tighter and tighter...
Still, despite everything, my very loyal best friends were by my side all the time - " Miss Eyebag, Miss Dark Circles and Miss Beer Belly "

Seriously... it wasn't such a big deal! And my year 2007 resolution is to feel that I had it all for 5 seconds longer than year 2006...

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Just when I thought I am ready to embrace it, it disappeared... It's a wonder how disappointed one can get for being let down when you had great expectations of it.

If Alicia Keys were right about 'karma' - Is the present a bad karma of the past? Or perhaps with some optimism, is the present earning me good karma for the future?