Friday, May 4, 2007


Recently I visited Cambodia for work purpose. The following are my findings:

  1. Malaysia is not that bad, in terms of the hot weather. It's ten times worse over there.
  2. The Ciggies and Beer is very........ I should say .. AFFORDABLE!
  3. The clothes are a real bargain! For those who love low cost boutique clothes, well, we are less fortunate in Malaysia. I actually bought a dress at RM35, which I once saw our local boutiques selling at RM70! And Cambodian silk is the happening thing there.
  4. The semi-precious and precious gem stones are suprisingly cheap! They claim it's real, by testing it in front of us with a THINGY. But then again, I'm not an expert, so couldn't tell the difference. (SSSHHH... I bought 2 pieces though, haha)
  5. Cambodians are much nicer and friendlier.
  6. They drive slowly but at the same time recklessly. Umm, that's my own opinion. Did not manage to find out whether their accident rate is lower than us or not
  7. A driver in Cambodia makes USD 40 per mth. Just try to convert it yourself........ Malaysians, we are much fortunate.
  8. The Naga Casino is filled with chinese. That's inevitable.
  9. Historical Facts: The Khmer Regime (Pot-Pot) excluded one word from their dictionary-HUMANITY
  10. I did not manage do visit Angkor Wat, which I heard is one of the 7 wonders of the world.