Sunday, August 19, 2007

Did we choose to be single?

Ever since my detach early this year, I notice an increasing number of people asking me a few unanswerable and perhaps irritating and stupid questions such as ..... "Why you don't have a boyfriend?"... "Why are you single?"... "Why you don't have guys going after you, you look kind pretty, don't be so choosy...."

I can't take it anymore... It's not my fault that I am single and it's not that I choose to be single. Why do ppl keep on asking us (us for the rest of the single girls out there) these questions?

Being single or attached is not like going into a convenience store to pick up your favourite snacks. At least to us, girls.. It's not like you wake up one morning and you decided that you don't want to be single anymore, so there and then you start to select which guys you want to pursue. Instead we wait for the guys to pursue us, and then only we consider whether we want to stay single or not...

Although we often boast that we are the new generation in the new millenium bulllll-shitttt thing, but frankly speaking, how many of us actually have the courage to ask a guy out on date, without the slightest intuition that the other guy have a thing for you and to pursue him out of the dark???

If we were to make all the moves,..... call him to chat, sms him good morning and good night, ask him out for dinner and movies, etc etc...continuously and consistently.... I'm pretty sure that the guy will be scared out of his pants!!! On the other hand, if we were to call him for a one-time-sex, do you think the guy would be happy to be scared out of his pants???? "MAYBE NOT"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Me & The Cinema

I'm a movie freak, but generally I dislike going to the cinema for movies... Yeah, I know I'm a bit weird for that, many friends of my age said that to me.

But recently I watch my first movie after almost 2 years, and the name is Bee Movie. Well, it was fun though... maybe because I haven't been doing it for so long, it's something new to me again, or perhaps I just had nothing better to do. After all, going for movies is actually my least prioritised source of entertainment - have always preferred to watch them at home.

I went for the second time today for Enchanted and I'm actually getting bored with it again. And I hate going to the cinema because:

  • I can't pause the movie.
  • I can't go to the washroom without missing a few minutes of the movie.
  • My knees usually get cramps.
  • Occasionally the cinema is a freezer to me.
  • I can't smoke in it.
  • It's meant for the lovebirds and I'm not one of them.
  • Hate the hassle of booking the tickets, obtaining the tickets from the counter, queing up for entrance and exit.
  • Hate to hear a stranger next to me laughing, screaming, squeaking, talking or fidgeting in his/her seat when I'm enjoying the movie.
  • Not to say that I'm not going to the cinema ever again, just that as I have said earlier, it's my least prioritised source of entertainment.