Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Art of Hatred

I thought I should only be writing this at least 12 months post the incident, but to hell with it, I've got the inspiration at this moment and I should thank him for the inspiration. So here it goes...

Do I still hate him? [Yes] Do I still feel for him? [No] Then why do I still hate him? [BELOW]

I usually consider myself as quite a forgiver, though at times I take forgiveness more than I give them. But with this particular person, and with that amount of betrayal, I'm sad and not proud to say this, but here it goes... I CAN'T FORGIVE HIM

I was an inch close to classifying him as an 'old friend' when he stopped all means of contacting me in the middle of the night for a few months. However, few days ago, I received a gesture from him for the sake of 'an old friend' or 'patching things up' or 'whatsoever reasons', which ironically makes the hatred within me flamed itself again.

This I can proudly say, I knew him too well. He would be at least 99% drunk or high to be making such a gesture in the middle of the night; otherwise he would not have the courage to do so. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate people for being courageous after a few alcoholic cuppas.

The fact is he previously made his huge MISTAKE in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when he was DRUNK [claimed by him], and now he's asking for FORGIVENESS in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when he's DRUNK AGAIN... Let's put it short, instead of mending his faults, he's just simply highlighting them to me.

When applied to him, apologizing or doing whatever brave actions after a couple of drinks, is not an act of bravery, but an act of cowardice.

P:S For that pitiful man I've been shitting all over this post, I would like to take this chance to dedicate a special message to him, "I'm not sorry and I hate you."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why do I blog?

I've ask this question quite a number of times to myself, why do I blog? I tried to be honest to myself, and I came out with the following reasons:
  • As an advanced technology from my traditional diary book, which I've stashed away in a secretive place
  • I'm writing with the hope that the person I'm mentioning or bitching about in the blog will be reading it

P:S I've thought of a million reasons but the above 2 would be most applicable

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Housemates... SWWEEEETT!!!!

I remembered how I whined about my housemate being such a pain in the ass 8 months ago... Oopps, let me rephrase it.

I remembered how I whined about my EX-HOUSEMATE being such a pain in the ass 8 months ago and I will remember how I boast about my PRESENT-HOUSEMATES being such SWEET people to live with now:

  1. We have lotsa SWEET time at Bakerzin eating SWEET and delicious deserts.
  2. We have lotsa SWEET time cooking and actually eating our own SWEET meals.
  3. We have lotsa SWEET time cleaning and scrubbing our house to make it a "Home SWEET Home".
  4. We have lotsa SWEET time bitching about other SWEET bitches.
  5. For the lotsa SWEET time we had in the day, we had lotsa SWEET dreams at night.

Okie... The last one may be a bit exaggerating, but those before it are all nothing but the truth.

To conclude, I moved out from that control-freak's place 4 months ago and at last found my ideal place and ideal housemates, at least it's sort of ideal at the moment. It's furnished (in our own expense) and I'm only paying approximately RM50 more than what I used to pay monthly. Above all, I now own my personal shoe cabinet which has the capacity of 30 to 40 pairs of shoes (I'm a shoe-freak).

Gosh, it's a SWEET SWEET home in here......

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Preparing for "Bling Bling Night"

Annual dinner is just around the corner and the theme of the night is "Bling Bling Night".

If you can't catch what the theme is all about, which I'm not absolutely sure too, should be wear something that shimmers, glimmers and glitters. Well, the PLAIN-JANE me (hehehe..) does not own much clothing with the bling bling effect, perhaps I actually do but have accidentally forgotten or misplaced them.

I turned to Zhi Zhi and said, "Maybe you should lend me your butterfly outfit which you bought for the purpose of your annual dinner performance...", and we laughed our ass off the floor!!! (fyi: the butterfly outfit looks ridiculous and does not have the slightest butterfly effect :P)

This post is specially dedicated to my lovely housemate - Zhi Zhi