Monday, December 22, 2008

Journey to Hell

I'm sorry I did this and I'm sorry I did it more than once. If you think I deserved to be punished for my thoughtless actions, I will tell you that my punishment is: I think I am going to hell very very very soon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's really nice and comforting to have someone frankly agreeing with your thoughts and not despise you for your selfish act. We are who we are. We love the sweetness of independence, free-willed, freedom and selfishness. We know if we don't change our mindset, things are not going to work and yet we stubbornly and happily stick to being who we are...

Migrated to

Dear friends and readers,

If you are reading this, thanks for the gesture out of boredom, interest or care. I've finally made up my mind to migrate my blog to the following address:

Well, if you are still bored, interested or concerned, feel free to hop-in and read through the endless laments, complaints and thoughts of a passionate but not desperate lover, a rebellious but not ignorant daughter, a self-centered but not selfish friend, and finally a blogger alike to the millions out there whom carefully pick her words for the sake of a beautifully written post and actually finds solace in doing it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


She advises me not to slack on my studies and I replied her, "It's my own future and I know exactly how to handle it!" And I subsequently failed my pre-u exams...

She advises me to watch out for cars while driving through a junction and I replied her, "I know how to drive ok!" And I crashed her car and resulted my friend with 15 stiches on her forehead...

She advises me that this is not the right guy for me and I replied her, "Can you stop sticking your nose on my relationship!" And I broke up with that guy eventually...

She advises me that I'm overspending and I replied her, "I earned my own money and I can spend it whichever way I like it!" And I ended up crashing my credit cards which I had the difficulty to pay off...

She pinched, slapped and spanked me during my childhood and teenage hood and I told myself, "I will hate this woman for the rest of my life!" And later in the years, my heart aches as I see her ageing...

This woman is my MOM.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


If you know there's a choice of 100% who is willing to give you his 30% and there's a choice of a 50% who is willing to give you his 40%, which choice will you make?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A piece of advise

From a good old friend:

"If you are beginning to doubt things this early, would you think that you might not have made the right choice? You may want to reconsider things and not waste your own precious time."

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Yours: Part II

After I'M YOURS, bits of greens here and there:

MeMe: Hey, I'm reaching KL in another hour or so and we can meet up very soon...
HimHim: Great! In the meantime, I'll go for football first. After football, I have to go over to D's place, she needs my help with the newly bought cabinet
MeMe: Oh..ok.. (Bloody hell, I drive all the way back from Iph to KL for him, now he's going over to help some other girl with her cabinet, instead of my luggages, which is damn heavy)

MeMe: Do you want to join me for dinner with R later?
HimHIm: Nope, you go ahead, I'm heading for football later (again). By the way, after football, I'll go over to D's place to return her things and to accompany her while the technician is installing the phone line for her. She's scared because she's all alone at home.
MeMe: Alright then... (What kind of an idiot will be afraid of being alone with the technician. At least I don't)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Yours: Part I

Before I'M YOURS, bits of memories here and there:

While chilling out at Starbucks, I was smiling to myself from the vivid recollection of the joke that I heard during lunch. After a few seconds, I realised that I might have looked like a crazy woman to the people who were seating at the tables close to me. I quickly resolved to conceal it by reaching for my hand phone and pretended that I was reading a funny sms. You came out with our coffee and said to me,

"Were you laughing with yourself? And you tried to hide it by pretending to look at your own hand phone?"

Knowing that both of us would zombie ourselves to work the next morning, and yet we burnt the midnight oil for the sake of some small talks over MSN. The two of us claimed that we were laughing aloud in our own room with the risk of waking my housemates or your family. Either you thought or I had you believing that I was going to tell you something mushy. But instead I spoke of something which was irrelevant-and-and-not-mushy-at-all and I said to you,


After we were chased out of Ecky Wooby for our happy hour session that lasted way beyond their business hours, you asked me to reside at the sidewalk till we finished up our drinks and I gladly went along with your plan. As I was talking to you happily like a chatterbox on some stories which were not as funny when I am sober now, your face was covered with my saliva. You gave me a disgusted face and with myself feeling embarrassed, I had to wipe it off for you. The next day, you said to me,

"It was sweet that last night you spitted on my face."

When you were away from Malaysia, I went home early every evening for the fortnight so that I could have some online chats with you. On one of the evenings, I went out for dinner with a friend and ended our chat earlier than usual. When I came home from the dinner, I realised you were typing nonsensically to a none responding chat window. Out of bewilderment, I nudged you and you replied to me,

"You crazy woman! You came out of nowhere! You scared me!"

During the holidays, I took a long week off in Ipoh. Following to the week, you decided that we need to talk...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lesson(s) Learnt

This happened on Thursday, 23rd of October 2008...
12:15 PM DEMOTIVATED. Decided to skip half-day work and go home early.

12:30 PM PANTING. Reached the car after walking for 15 minutes under the bloody hot sun.

12:35 PM PISSED OFF. Noted the car window cracked into pieces. No further investigation required; some asshole smashed it. With the window tinting, the glasses did not fall apart and hence none stolen.

12:40 PM DUMBFOUNDED. Scrolled down the contact list searching for help. Called R. Offered to bring me to Jln Iph to fix it. Called L. Told me to stop laughing as it is not funny and to drive slowly just in case the cracked window starts falling apart. Called Bro. Said Aiyoh! and does mom know yet? Called Mom. Asked me a million questions and told me to replace it with the tinting as well and to bill her for it.

13:00 PM NEGOTIATING. Reached a workshop in Uptown and after some price negotiation decided to do it in that workshop as the price quoted does not differ much from the Jln Iph's quote.

13:10 PM PANTING AGAIN. Walked over to Starbucks which is at the other end from the workshop while complaining to C over the phone on the incident.

13:20 PM COOLED DOWN. Positioned comfortably at one corner with an iced caramel macchiato, a chicken finger sandwich, a pack of ciggies and the laptop.

14:30 PM BORED. Told the story to numerous friends on MSN and the workshop has yet to call as they promised.

15:15 PM BACK AND BUTT ACHING. Staring at the handphone which is still not ringing.
Concluded that they had forgotten to call and decided to drag my ass from Starbucks to the workshop.

15:30 PM PISSED OFF AGAIN. Scrutinised the replaced window and realised that it is not tinted with the color they had promised. Now the car has one window tinted in smoked metal with the rest tinted in faded green.

15:35 PM IDIOTIC. Nagged the workshop on the mismatched tint color. With no subsequent changes made or discounts given, I paid them RM170 and drove off from the workshop to hit the shower at home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Career

In the vast darkness, I wished there was a glim of light to guide me through. If the source of light were to be some candles, the malicious devils must have happily blown them out for me.

On the shaky grounds, I hoped there was a helping hand or a handle bar for me to hold on and balance myself. I reached out, further out and I found neither a helping hand nor a handle bar.

Out of desperation, I screamed my lungs out for help. I waited patiently for a savior, but in the end, none came to rescue me. It was as though the whole world were dumb or have turned their ears away from me.

I'm stuck and lost.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dumb Quote

Can I say I rather not have it just because I'm afraid of losing it... Sounds dumb huh...

Monday, September 1, 2008

An Uninformed Decision

Since in the first place the decision was made solely by one person, then the uninformed should be kept from the silent decision. Though at times the words were almost blurted out, but it did not. Some things are just better left unspoken of.

If things were to be told frankly of, it was not because being frank will do a good difference, but it would be because being selfish by nature, these things could have been gone through together, and not alone... And to watch the uninformed being happily unaware of the decision, it was again another torturing day to the selfish decision maker.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Just be brave and take that step forward. There's no harm trying. If only the actions could be as easy as how I type these words.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm very transparent about my income and expenses. Just to prove that I'm rreeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy broke, below are my breakdown:

INCOME $ 2000
PETROL $ (500)
BALANCE $ (275)

You must be wondering how I manage with the negative balance, since I've yet to incorporate entertainment, food, ciggies and other sundry expenses. And I have no idea.... So darling friends, if you plan to show me the slightest love and care to me, do call me up to give me a lunch or dinner treat or better still, both. :P

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Facebook Application: What does your Birthday mean?

Based on your birthday 24th April...

You are very optimistic and that's why you always enjoy life. You are gifted in entertaining others. Your friends love and trust you. You'll be the first they come to when they are in need of someone to speak their heart out. Your Love, Sometimes you fall in love just because you want to be in love, not that you really like that person. You always be seen as a sweet couple but you can't really get over your love ones from past. Your partner is usually crazy about you because you are remarkably charming and romantic.

Your greatest STRENGTHS ...
Charming and romantic.

Your greatest WEAKNESS ...
Irascible and easily stirred up to strong love or bitter hatred, jealous and envious.

My Birthday

Tried to switch to blogger, but due to my current tight schedule, I've yet to have the time to learn the features and settings properly. So I guess I'll stick with this blog for the moment...
3 weeks before my birthday, I was assigned to a job under my least favourite manager for three weeks. With our different opinions, absence of proper guidelines and insufficient competencies, it was really a cranky job.

With luck NOT being on my side, few days on the job, I was already feeling unwell... In the auditing line, unless we are so sick that we couldn't crawl out of the bed in the morning, we usually don't call it a MC day when we have been assigned to a job. AND I was sick and had been sick for the whole three weeks and yet, I could still crawl out of my bed on every single morning of that three weeks. Hence, despite feeling unwell, I visited constrution sites under the hot sun two to three times a week, which inevitably worsen my dizziness and nauseousness. With my unproductiveness, I still managed to wrap up that job, but of course with "one eye closed".

On the eve of my birthday, I was still feeling unwell but I went out to have a small celebration with my housemates and a few of my colleagues. I enjoyed myself during that small celebration. However, the next day, I felt worse. Though a bit crazy, but I couldnt take it anymore so I drove back to Ipoh during the evening to visit my doctor and let my mom take good care of me... (have always miss home when I'm not feeling well). And I spent the night of my birthday and the next following day(friday) sleeping at home.

On Saturday, I was feeling a bit better so I went out to have a post celebration with my girlfriends in Ipoh. Not feeling exactly energized, me being the supposedly "birthday girl", left the party at the club early before my girlfriends did...

On Sunday, I was feeling all well again. Me and my girlfriends had dinner together (that's our trend for yet another birthday post celebration).

That was how I turned to 25 this year. Starting off with a cranky job, falling sick and yet managed to have three little celebrations... AND received presents from two friends of mine... Guys, thanks for the presents...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Flash of Py's latest news:

  • got drunk last saturday... WHY ARE YOU NOT SURPRISED
  • just returned from my 5 days leave... REJUNEVATED
  • gain some weight... CRASH DIET SOON
  • still single... GOOD
  • having a crush... HE'S CUTE
  • got promoted... MORE $$$
  • credit cards with total balance of $8000++... QUIT SHOPPING
  • thinking of switching job... UNDECIDED
  • last blog on friendster... IMIGRATING TO BLOGGER

End of news *music* :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I remember when I was young, he was the one whom brought home my first puppy, kitten and rabbit to me... Which I all ended-up being allergic to (I have asthma problem when I was a kid)

I remember when I was young, he was the one whom did the horse-back riding with me...Which my brother ended up being jealous with.

I remember when I was young, he used to ride me home in a mountain bike... Which I had a hard time trying to balance at the back of his seat.

I remember when I was young, I saw him fidgeting around with the 1000pc jig-saw puzzle... Which became my hobby at later stage.

I remember when I was young, I bluff him I was afraid of injection and got him to buy me my first Barbie Doll... Which I later gave it away to my younger cousin.

I remember when I was young, and rebellious, I saw him chasing away my friend's car with a stick in his hand so that nobody will dare to fetch me out... Which at the end noboby did.

I remember when I was young, I heard yelling and swearing from my parents' room... Which he ended up moving out from.

Dad, despite all the faults and wrongs we have made in the past, I will always love you... No matter what.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Men and their quotes

"I don't want to be your friend anymore and please stop calling me and messaging me"

"Please handle this like an adult..."

"You can be more adult and I'm happy to be childish"

Thursday, January 3, 2008

As I Grow...

When I was around 3, I wish I was 6, so that I could be performing in a kindergarten concert like my brother did at that time...

When I was around 7, I wish I was 10, so that I could be attending morning class like my brother did at that time...

When I was around 11, I wish I was 14, so that I would be on the same school bus with my neighbour that I secretly admired...

When I was around 15, I wish I was 18, so that I would be able to go for an interview with the SIA...

When I was around 18, I wish I was 22, so that I would have start earning my own money and buy my own car...

Now that I'm around 25, I wish I'm 21, as I realised being 21 is the best year of all... Where I am technically allowed to make my own decisions and yet at the same time I can and I dare to be irresponsible, selfish and foolish with the thought that I'll be easily forgiven for the mistakes I made out of ignorance.

I wish I would be Forever 21 not because I'm afraid of the signs of aging, but because I'm afraid of the responsibilities of maturing. If Spiderman were to quote:

"With greater power, comes greater responsibilities..."

Then I will have my own saying, which is:

"With greater numbers in your age, comes greater responsibilities..."

Happy 2008

3rd of January 2008 marks a special date and these are my announcements for this new and fresh year:
  • Today my hsmate will be celebrating her joyous 27th birthday - Happy Birthday Carmen
  • Today is my first year anninersary with my present company - Time to switch job??
  • Today is also and ironically my first year anniversary of separation from him - Pei Yee, Congratulations!
  • It has been almost a year since I've known him - We are not dating, not yet :)
  • It has been almost 2 months since I threw away my morning coffee addiction - I still drink but not everyday so I'm definitely not addicted
  • It has been the 5th or more times that I've failed the new year resolution to quit smoking - I'm stepping closer to being one of the victims of early aging and lung cancer

Let's call it a day... Happy 2008!