Friday, July 20, 2007

Diet Plan

NxxxN : Hey, you have put on some weight.......

Me Me : Yeah, a lil' bit

NxxxN : You know when I noticed that???

Me Me : (silence)

NxxxN : When I watched you from the back, it's very noticeable from your thigh and ass

Me Me : Hmm... Am I really that fat? It's not that bad, I gain 5kgs only... (self deception)

NxxxN : No, you're not fat. You are fuccckiiiinnggggg fat

Me Me : Don't be so mean... 5 kgs is not that much (**bloody shit, such a comment from a guy**)

NxxxN's brother : Wanna know how heavy is 5 kgs? Try this.. (immediate 5 kgs weight placed on my hands) Very heavy right..?? And you better quit wearing these super duper shorts, they just emphasize your huge thigh.

Me Me : (a bit offended)

NxxxN & bro : (teasings) Hey.... fei mui chai, fei mui chai!!!

NxxxN : I'm not being mean but just reminding you that you should not be unconcerned about your own weight and body shape at the young age of 24

Me Me : (**fucking pissed off and offended! Swear to go on to strict diet and exercise plan**)

So pls don't advise me that I look absolutely slim and if I were to go on diet, I would be too thin and blown off by the wind, because it's not true and I'm determined after receiving such insulting comments from 2 guys