Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Yours: Part II

After I'M YOURS, bits of greens here and there:

MeMe: Hey, I'm reaching KL in another hour or so and we can meet up very soon...
HimHim: Great! In the meantime, I'll go for football first. After football, I have to go over to D's place, she needs my help with the newly bought cabinet
MeMe: Oh..ok.. (Bloody hell, I drive all the way back from Iph to KL for him, now he's going over to help some other girl with her cabinet, instead of my luggages, which is damn heavy)

MeMe: Do you want to join me for dinner with R later?
HimHIm: Nope, you go ahead, I'm heading for football later (again). By the way, after football, I'll go over to D's place to return her things and to accompany her while the technician is installing the phone line for her. She's scared because she's all alone at home.
MeMe: Alright then... (What kind of an idiot will be afraid of being alone with the technician. At least I don't)