Sunday, February 25, 2007


I began my early morning CNY with 3 stitches under my chin. Clumsy me had quite a fall and let's not go into details on how i fell. Mom didn't give me a hardtime (surprisingly but thank god!).

Two days later, I decided to make a revisit to another doctor (some cosmetic and laser specialists). He took a look at my stitches and began to shake his head disapprovingly. The stitches were badly done. For the sake of a less obvious scar, we redo the stitches and ended up with 10 stitches. The whole process took less than an hour but it was not one of my favourite moments.

Five days later the stitches were removed. Of course there is a scar, the doctor did not have magic hands. He said give it some time (yeah right, time heals everything....).

For friends whom have not seen me during the CNY with a bandage under my chin or heard of my unfortunate incident and wish to send their regards to me, please sing me "You Are Still Beautiful - James Blunt". Thank You!