Thursday, January 3, 2008

As I Grow...

When I was around 3, I wish I was 6, so that I could be performing in a kindergarten concert like my brother did at that time...

When I was around 7, I wish I was 10, so that I could be attending morning class like my brother did at that time...

When I was around 11, I wish I was 14, so that I would be on the same school bus with my neighbour that I secretly admired...

When I was around 15, I wish I was 18, so that I would be able to go for an interview with the SIA...

When I was around 18, I wish I was 22, so that I would have start earning my own money and buy my own car...

Now that I'm around 25, I wish I'm 21, as I realised being 21 is the best year of all... Where I am technically allowed to make my own decisions and yet at the same time I can and I dare to be irresponsible, selfish and foolish with the thought that I'll be easily forgiven for the mistakes I made out of ignorance.

I wish I would be Forever 21 not because I'm afraid of the signs of aging, but because I'm afraid of the responsibilities of maturing. If Spiderman were to quote:

"With greater power, comes greater responsibilities..."

Then I will have my own saying, which is:

"With greater numbers in your age, comes greater responsibilities..."

Happy 2008

3rd of January 2008 marks a special date and these are my announcements for this new and fresh year:
  • Today my hsmate will be celebrating her joyous 27th birthday - Happy Birthday Carmen
  • Today is my first year anninersary with my present company - Time to switch job??
  • Today is also and ironically my first year anniversary of separation from him - Pei Yee, Congratulations!
  • It has been almost a year since I've known him - We are not dating, not yet :)
  • It has been almost 2 months since I threw away my morning coffee addiction - I still drink but not everyday so I'm definitely not addicted
  • It has been the 5th or more times that I've failed the new year resolution to quit smoking - I'm stepping closer to being one of the victims of early aging and lung cancer

Let's call it a day... Happy 2008!