Friday, October 24, 2008

Lesson(s) Learnt

This happened on Thursday, 23rd of October 2008...
12:15 PM DEMOTIVATED. Decided to skip half-day work and go home early.

12:30 PM PANTING. Reached the car after walking for 15 minutes under the bloody hot sun.

12:35 PM PISSED OFF. Noted the car window cracked into pieces. No further investigation required; some asshole smashed it. With the window tinting, the glasses did not fall apart and hence none stolen.

12:40 PM DUMBFOUNDED. Scrolled down the contact list searching for help. Called R. Offered to bring me to Jln Iph to fix it. Called L. Told me to stop laughing as it is not funny and to drive slowly just in case the cracked window starts falling apart. Called Bro. Said Aiyoh! and does mom know yet? Called Mom. Asked me a million questions and told me to replace it with the tinting as well and to bill her for it.

13:00 PM NEGOTIATING. Reached a workshop in Uptown and after some price negotiation decided to do it in that workshop as the price quoted does not differ much from the Jln Iph's quote.

13:10 PM PANTING AGAIN. Walked over to Starbucks which is at the other end from the workshop while complaining to C over the phone on the incident.

13:20 PM COOLED DOWN. Positioned comfortably at one corner with an iced caramel macchiato, a chicken finger sandwich, a pack of ciggies and the laptop.

14:30 PM BORED. Told the story to numerous friends on MSN and the workshop has yet to call as they promised.

15:15 PM BACK AND BUTT ACHING. Staring at the handphone which is still not ringing.
Concluded that they had forgotten to call and decided to drag my ass from Starbucks to the workshop.

15:30 PM PISSED OFF AGAIN. Scrutinised the replaced window and realised that it is not tinted with the color they had promised. Now the car has one window tinted in smoked metal with the rest tinted in faded green.

15:35 PM IDIOTIC. Nagged the workshop on the mismatched tint color. With no subsequent changes made or discounts given, I paid them RM170 and drove off from the workshop to hit the shower at home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Career

In the vast darkness, I wished there was a glim of light to guide me through. If the source of light were to be some candles, the malicious devils must have happily blown them out for me.

On the shaky grounds, I hoped there was a helping hand or a handle bar for me to hold on and balance myself. I reached out, further out and I found neither a helping hand nor a handle bar.

Out of desperation, I screamed my lungs out for help. I waited patiently for a savior, but in the end, none came to rescue me. It was as though the whole world were dumb or have turned their ears away from me.

I'm stuck and lost.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dumb Quote

Can I say I rather not have it just because I'm afraid of losing it... Sounds dumb huh...