Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Yours: Part I

Before I'M YOURS, bits of memories here and there:

While chilling out at Starbucks, I was smiling to myself from the vivid recollection of the joke that I heard during lunch. After a few seconds, I realised that I might have looked like a crazy woman to the people who were seating at the tables close to me. I quickly resolved to conceal it by reaching for my hand phone and pretended that I was reading a funny sms. You came out with our coffee and said to me,

"Were you laughing with yourself? And you tried to hide it by pretending to look at your own hand phone?"

Knowing that both of us would zombie ourselves to work the next morning, and yet we burnt the midnight oil for the sake of some small talks over MSN. The two of us claimed that we were laughing aloud in our own room with the risk of waking my housemates or your family. Either you thought or I had you believing that I was going to tell you something mushy. But instead I spoke of something which was irrelevant-and-and-not-mushy-at-all and I said to you,


After we were chased out of Ecky Wooby for our happy hour session that lasted way beyond their business hours, you asked me to reside at the sidewalk till we finished up our drinks and I gladly went along with your plan. As I was talking to you happily like a chatterbox on some stories which were not as funny when I am sober now, your face was covered with my saliva. You gave me a disgusted face and with myself feeling embarrassed, I had to wipe it off for you. The next day, you said to me,

"It was sweet that last night you spitted on my face."

When you were away from Malaysia, I went home early every evening for the fortnight so that I could have some online chats with you. On one of the evenings, I went out for dinner with a friend and ended our chat earlier than usual. When I came home from the dinner, I realised you were typing nonsensically to a none responding chat window. Out of bewilderment, I nudged you and you replied to me,

"You crazy woman! You came out of nowhere! You scared me!"

During the holidays, I took a long week off in Ipoh. Following to the week, you decided that we need to talk...