Monday, December 22, 2008

Journey to Hell

I'm sorry I did this and I'm sorry I did it more than once. If you think I deserved to be punished for my thoughtless actions, I will tell you that my punishment is: I think I am going to hell very very very soon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's really nice and comforting to have someone frankly agreeing with your thoughts and not despise you for your selfish act. We are who we are. We love the sweetness of independence, free-willed, freedom and selfishness. We know if we don't change our mindset, things are not going to work and yet we stubbornly and happily stick to being who we are...

Migrated to

Dear friends and readers,

If you are reading this, thanks for the gesture out of boredom, interest or care. I've finally made up my mind to migrate my blog to the following address:

Well, if you are still bored, interested or concerned, feel free to hop-in and read through the endless laments, complaints and thoughts of a passionate but not desperate lover, a rebellious but not ignorant daughter, a self-centered but not selfish friend, and finally a blogger alike to the millions out there whom carefully pick her words for the sake of a beautifully written post and actually finds solace in doing it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


She advises me not to slack on my studies and I replied her, "It's my own future and I know exactly how to handle it!" And I subsequently failed my pre-u exams...

She advises me to watch out for cars while driving through a junction and I replied her, "I know how to drive ok!" And I crashed her car and resulted my friend with 15 stiches on her forehead...

She advises me that this is not the right guy for me and I replied her, "Can you stop sticking your nose on my relationship!" And I broke up with that guy eventually...

She advises me that I'm overspending and I replied her, "I earned my own money and I can spend it whichever way I like it!" And I ended up crashing my credit cards which I had the difficulty to pay off...

She pinched, slapped and spanked me during my childhood and teenage hood and I told myself, "I will hate this woman for the rest of my life!" And later in the years, my heart aches as I see her ageing...

This woman is my MOM.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


If you know there's a choice of 100% who is willing to give you his 30% and there's a choice of a 50% who is willing to give you his 40%, which choice will you make?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A piece of advise

From a good old friend:

"If you are beginning to doubt things this early, would you think that you might not have made the right choice? You may want to reconsider things and not waste your own precious time."

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Yours: Part II

After I'M YOURS, bits of greens here and there:

MeMe: Hey, I'm reaching KL in another hour or so and we can meet up very soon...
HimHim: Great! In the meantime, I'll go for football first. After football, I have to go over to D's place, she needs my help with the newly bought cabinet
MeMe: Oh..ok.. (Bloody hell, I drive all the way back from Iph to KL for him, now he's going over to help some other girl with her cabinet, instead of my luggages, which is damn heavy)

MeMe: Do you want to join me for dinner with R later?
HimHIm: Nope, you go ahead, I'm heading for football later (again). By the way, after football, I'll go over to D's place to return her things and to accompany her while the technician is installing the phone line for her. She's scared because she's all alone at home.
MeMe: Alright then... (What kind of an idiot will be afraid of being alone with the technician. At least I don't)