Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moving On

That night she came home and took a look at the calendar; 6th of January 2009. She paused for a second thinking what was the event that she had missed. Then the bells rang in her mind and she recalled what she had almost forgotten; 3rd of January 2009. This date marked the 2nd year from the day they allow tears to roll down their cheeks.

It's almost unbelievable how things have now turned. When she wanted to move on so badly, he seems to have hung on to her mind like a leech but without herself realising, she somehow moved on and her mind felt happiness long after her heart felt it.

Her hatred for their past no longer occupied a space in her heart nor her mind. What is left now are just some memories of how comfortable they once used to be when they were together. To be honest with herself, she was glad that chapter of her life has ended. Though it did not ended in a gentle way but it certainly ended with a good purpose. Just like a splash of cold water in one's face early in the morning. Freezing but does a lot to wake one up from the sleepiness.

As her body felt the fatigue from the long hard day, she began to find her way to her bed. Laying on the bed, she realised she found peace as she found forgiveness in her heart. Closing her eyes and resting her mind, she dozed off moving on to a bright new day.