Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Stillness of Starbucks

It was raining cats and dogs... At Starbucks, the Curve, I took a sip of my favourite iced caramel marchiato as I watched the people around me.

At the table across mine, I saw two middle-aged women having the hard time of their life trying to settle their demanding kids. The kids seem to reach barely the age of five. I wonder to myself what are they doing with their kids in starbucks. Are children actually allowed to take coffee? Alright, I know starbucks does serve non-coffee drinks. But c'mon, starbucks and kids, not a good combination. I wondered if the day will come for me to have my own kids. I shuddered at the thought of myself being a mother. Selfish.

At the table behind mine, I saw three attractive girls in their early twenties. With their heads close to each other, I presumed they were spilling to each other some juicy gossips. I took a look at their dressing. One of them had some light make-up on, an off-shoulder blouse and a pair of super-short shorts. Her skin colour, translucent. Darn, they look hot! As compared to myself, I looked like I've just walked out of a night market. Polo t-shirt, khakis and a pair of slippers covered with dirt from everywhere. Not to mention my dull skin, after all these years of heavy smoking. Envious.

At the table next to mine, there were these negros. They were happily chatting away to each other. I heard some heavy laughter, gazing over I saw their big white teeth and their darkly chocolate skin. What a contrast! Hmm.. How come they are always so chirpy, happy and easy going? Will I ever learn to be happy with simple things in life? Complicating.

Sitting across me, my buddy was boasting to me his adventure during his backpacking in Melbourne recently. The fellow lost his passport one day before boarding the plane home to Malaysia. And he actually told me he finds it exciting, feeling a part of him has grown through the experience of himself losing the passport. Yeah, read the above three sentence again please. I bet you feel the need to roll your eyes, which was what I did to him. Childish.

I tried to be at my good manners but I just couldn't hang on to his conversation with my 100% attention. My mind was adrift somewhere else. Partly because of him, I envy that he's going through some changes for good in his life. Thinking to myself, when will I ever have the courage to do the things that I've always wanted to do in my life....... Daydreaming.