Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My horoscope (KERBAU) for the day:

Try not to get yourself too wrapped up in any big decisions today -- you need to mull and mull until you know for sure, and that might take a long time! If anyone is breathing down your neck, tell them off.

Hmm.. Have to say, its kinda true. Having been with the firm for one year plus... Have I learnt? Yes... Do I feel appreciated? No...

And when I finally tendered... How does the story goes? I get people around the firm asking me to reconsider, telling me the pay will pick up someday soon, telling me that I get to work in bigger clients here, telling me that they will book me for jobs (sounds like a prostistute for a sec to me)... Yeah I'm not finished yet, the list is non-exhaustive... Asking me what do I desire, asking me what are the pushbacks to result me in making such a decision, asking me where I'm going (to find out if its their audit clients, especially sec restricted clients, for compliance purposes... If you are an auditor, you know what I'm talking about.. Otherwise, sorry.. you're just non accounting based :P)

Well, previously being a staff whom doesn't feel very much appreciated... I somehow felt some happiness that finally those at the top are paying some attention to me (Yes, bosses out there, do show more caring to your staff please) Literally, I felt like I'm a kid, that the parents have not given enough of attention to. And after some rebellious actions taken, they are finally noticing you...

Another school of thought from Cat would be...

"So what if the office cubicles, systems, pantry, coffee machines, vendor machines & etc etc ... are very cool??? We don't own the office and its not our home."

"So what if we work on very big and well-known MNCs??? The fees doesn't go into our pockets."