Sunday, October 4, 2009

Almost a Good Anniversary

Being the usual stubborn me, I've never failed to do things in my own way, not necessarily the correct way.

With a can of beer in my hand, I closed my eyes and try to visualise how different things could have been if only I've listened to L. And at this very moment, I speak out aloud to myself as if L were sittng next to me, "Gosh, you are so damn right! But L, there's no turning back now. It's too late for me to listen to your advise isn't it L."

Damn, my right fist is now all swollen and with bruises.

And I wonder if I should be admitting myself to "Alcoholic Rehab" or "Anger Management Rehab". Perhaps both...

With the birds chirping and the sun rising, I feel my heavy eyelids.

Stop wallowing in self pity...