Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mina Rempit, Yet another drunk me, Ciggies delivery & Run over by a truck!

Highlight of my yesterday:

Went to the community outreached program organized by my firm. I find it fun to teach. And the kids are somehow adorable. Though they like to tease me, calling me nicknames of "mina rempit" and "hantu". I was speechless. Boys will be boys :)

Reached home at almost 6. Captain called me for some drinks at Wiki Bar in BSC. Went along with it and we had Mccallan single malt whiskey. Very smooth. At 9pm and after a few (lost count) drinks, I was beginning to be clumsy (slipped and broke a glass), high (speaking louder than the usual sober me) and sleepy (sleepy is sleepy, no need to further elaborate.

Managed to reach home safely with some minor scratches on my car. Immediately hit the bed.

Wide awake at 3a.m. Facebook and msn non-stop till five plus. Told a friend on msn that I finished my ciggies and was craving for a puff but it did not seem to be a wise move to go out alone in the middle of the night to get myself another pack. The friend offered me ciggies delivery. :P

He reached my place with the promised ciggies and we chatted till 6a.m. I had another few more cans of beer. Offered him some but he said no thanks. After the few cans, I was high again. Bid goodbye and I hit the bed again.

Highlight of my today: