Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day dreaming in the office

It's freezing in the office today, particularly when I'm wearing a sheer blouse. Work is piling up but yet here I am, day-dreaming and blogging while people are paving up and down in front of me. Cheryl is going to kill me when she returns and realised I've done nothing.

Scrolled through the P&L, which seriously disinterest me... Why do I care if the export or domestic sales has increased or decreased?

Where has all the motivation in work gone? Where has the ambitious girl went to? Drown somewhere in the deep sea of audit where you no longer finds value in the work that you do....

I hate my job but it seems pathetic that although I hate it, but yet I'm doing nothing about it. Don't even want to raise the topic in front of friends. For the fear of a comment such as, "If you hate your job so much, why aren't you doing anything about that fact. Quit whining and do something."

Maybe its time to do some soul searching. To discover for myself, what really interest me other than alcohol... Sounds very alcoholic and problematic. Disgusted by the fact that I'm this pathetic person.