Friday, May 8, 2009

22/4/2009 to 1/5/2009

Wednesday 22/4/2009: C called me up for a drink with WS and it turned out to be a mini suprise party for me. Touched!

Thursday 23/4/2009: Went to Hennessy Artistry Party with freeflow of Hennessy of course till 11pm. Fantastic!

Friday 24/4/2009: Went for dinner with some friends in PJ and they served the biggest crab I ever had. Yummy!

Saturday 25/4/2009: Went for karaoke with some girlfriends in Iph, having bottomless beer. Got myself totally wasted!

Sunday 26/4/2009: Attended dinner with some girlfriends in Iph. It was a busy night for the restaurant and when dinner was finally served, we dig ourself in .. Famine!

Thursday 30/4/2009: He surprised me with a banquet of flowers. Yeah man, that's my sweetie. *Grinning*

Friday 1/5/2009: He brought me to a nice and cozy restaurant in hartamas and we had ribs as our dinner. Sweet!

Along with the above, I turned 26 years old.