Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beer at $3.30 per glass and the consequences

Beer at $3.30 per glass. Knowing me, I reached the place before most people did. And the rest of it is history.

C asked if I want to leave my car behind and being the typical drinker, I simply brushed off the matter telling him, "Nah, I can drive." And he said, "Alright, I'll tail you home."

Congested traffic in KL and knowing me again, I cut queue. Yeah, curse me. And I guessed that was how he lost me in the traffic.

Reached PJ. Eyes getting a bit droopy. Gave myself a few slaps in the face (not very hard one lar) to keep myself awake.

Congested traffic (again) in PJ. And BANG! I dozed off while I was driving.

Took a look at my car and then the victim's car. Victim's car: Bumper slightly dented. My car: Bumper VERY dented. Radiator leaking. Head lights dangling. WTF!!!!!

Stood there like a stupid woman for a few minutes and scratched my head a lil bit. What's next? Yeah, call C. Reached for my hand phone and the battery was dead at the least convenient time.

Walked up to the victim, "Bang, boleh pinjam talipon sekejap. Nak call I punya member."

C reached the scene. Gave me the "LOOK" or "STARE" and I........................... gave him my best smile :)

With the strong wind blowing on my face, my unruly hair blinding my sight and the alcohol working its magic on my brains, I signed off the tiny piece of paper presented to me by the agents of "SYKT THONG HING MOTOR SDN BHD" which is located in "557, BATU 3 1/2 JALAN IPOH, 51200 KUALA LUMPUR." (as per the name card)

On the way home, C was making endless calls to audit if the fellows are genuine agents or "CON MEN". And what did I do? I complained, "Why are you referring me to your friend as a friend instead of a girlfriend?" Yeah, women and the way they react to crisis.

Reached home and with the alcohol still working on me, I listened attentively to Cat's story of the day, "Carls' Junior & Cupcakes" with no woes on my mind of my car which is still stranded in the middle of sprint highway.

Slept the alcohol away. Woke up. Gave C a call. Comforted him on his bad day and how I'm going to manage the police report and etc etc etc. That's weird but a neccessity in order to avoid the possibility of him banging his head against the wall or stabbing himself with a knife for dating me. "Kik Kau Sei Yan"

Switched on the msn and W.E called out of concern. At least now I got myself a driver to the police station tomorrow morning. Following that, I repeatedly told W.E on the phone, "No worries, I'm fine, I'm ok, no injuries, just a minor accident, not very upset", which left him speechless on how he could or should comfort me on my day. Man, don't this woman know how to shut up and listen at times.

Now that it's 5am in the morning with the Muslim prayers blasting with speakers greater than altec lansing and that I'm sober, the worries starts making their way to my mind. Great, my car registration card is in Iph which implies that I can't conceal the accident from my mom. Fantastic, I'm gonna take cab for another 1 month or so. Fabulous, I signed off some piece of paper offerred by some strangers.

More of those beer at $3.30 per glass????? No comment. FYI, the place is MarketPlace located near Jln Yap Kwan Seng. 5pm to 7pm.