Saturday, November 14, 2009

Non-chilled water in the fridge

It was supposed to be a relaxing evening at my place when he suggested we have some home-cooked food and GI Joe together. I was thinking, "That's nice.. We can curl up together while watching movies and have some good sex later...." He even offerred to be the Chef of the Night. Knowing he wasn't exactly gifted in cooking, I counter offerred him instead. So there, we had fettucini served in cream & herbs, which was one of my least favourite sauce. Though he suggested we can have it in other sauces, I decided to take an adventurous try with it, since he usually prefer creamy sauce.

In another 30 minutes or so, dinner was served. In another 10 minutes or so, I began pouting. I still hate cream sauce. I hastily pushed aside my dinner. He tried to be considerate by offering me the beef cubes in the pasta. But yet, I was still upset with my dinner.

No wonder there's saying, a hungry man is an angry man. I reached for some chilled water in the fridge, but only to realise that there were non in the fridge. The irritating man in my life finished the chilled water in the fridge without refilling it. I grumbled a bit with his usual response of "OH".

Pacing forth and back around the tiny living room, as if there were a lot of square feets for me to pace around, the frustation inside me began to burn itself up... After a couple of minutes, he reached for the not-yet-chilled jar of water in the fridge, took a sip of it and turn to me saying, "You want some?"

That's the moment when I lost my patience and snapped to him, "How to drink? It's not chilled!"

There goes our night. The irritating man was offended by my snapping. The rest of the night ended up with nothing but silence. I tried making up, pouting my lips for a kiss and with his least interested response, I got even more frustated. He left my place when it was barely midnight with some lame excuses of fatigue and work and stuff.

After he left my place, I buzzed his phone asking if there is anything wrong, when in actual fact I just wanted to confirm that his sudden moodiness was due to my snapping and guess what? Yes, it was. I thought I wanted to solve the problem there and then, but then again, he said, "Let's call it a night. I don't want you to end up screaming at the top of your lungs again."

And that was our idea of a relaxing evening.....