Friday, January 1, 2010

Our first day of 2010... Already very dramatic jor...

So on the 1st day of 2010, we decided to give a fresh start to our never ending slimming plan. Me, WaiYi and Carmen (after buckets of our persuading) decided to go for a jog at TTDI park. Carmen was kinda amazed with the park (her first time being there).

After approximately 20 minutes of jogging, we were panting and sweating like one kind. Yeah, I know, we aren't exactly the outdoor type (most girls aren't anyway, nothing to be ashamed of). The next plan, of course a cold shower and hearty dinner.

Various suggestions on what to have for dinner and we finally made up our mind: BAK KUT TEH IN KEPONG... YUMMY! So there and then, we were riding in WaiYi's car. Carmen was complaining about her sleepiness, followed by some yawns. She decided to take a nap and requested me and WaiYi to wake her up upon arrival. Me and WaiYi jokingly said as if the ride to Kepong was a very long journey.

But in fact, it WAS a very LONG JOURNEY. WaiYi was asking me if she should take the left exit. I said yes. But still, she missed the exit. And I thought to myself, "Oh SHIT!" Let me describe WaiYi: She is a girl whom is quite short sighted but unwilling to wear neither contact lens nor spectacles and still dare to drive at night.

So we went all the way down MRR2 to the roundabout with exits to rawang and kuala lumpur and made a u-turn to go back to Kepong. On the way, WaiYi almost hit two Indian fellows standing in the middle of the road, another dangerous consequence of she refusing to wear spectacles while driving at night. But being a good and nice friend, of course I told her, "Yeah. The skin colour so dark. Should not have stood in the middle of the road at night." (Don't get me wrong, we are not racists. Again, I need to emphasize, I was being a good and nice friend :P)

Finally arriving at the bak kut teh stall to realise it's drizzling, which left us with limited tables. So we went typical Chinese style, stood next to the occupied but soon to be vacant table and waited impatiently for those customers to leave. And the irritating part was, the UNCLE loudly said that he wanted to spend some time sipping his tea though he knew we were standing there waiting...

Secured ourselves a table. Some foreign worker took our orders with some cantonese that we could hardly understand. On top of that, when dinner was served, I made numerous requests for extra soup but they failed to respond promptly. I lost my temper and raise my voice to the lady boss, "Si tao poh!!! I requested soup very long ago!!! It's not here yet!!!" And I'm pretty sure the other customers sitting next to us were taken by shock (Yeah, I was never the soft spoken type).

By the time we finished our dinner, it was almost 10.00 pm. There goes the long dramatic story of our first day of 2010.