Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Left and returned

The first time I've heard about you, was through friendster. And on that very first time I heard you, I secretly wished you were mine.

There after, I began stalking you on every possible chance. Building courage for myself to approach you and thinking hard to myself on ways to approach you.

Few months later, I introduced myself to you and that was when we built our bond together, strong and stronger as the days past by. And that was in year 2006.

And for all these years, you've done so much for me........ You were there for me when I failed my ACCA exam for the first time.

You were there nuturing me when my heart was broken into a thousand pieces by the first bastard in my life.

You were there to listen when most of my good friends have turned their back against me due to my bad temper.

You were there with your most sincere blessings, when I was madly in-love again.

You were there encouraging me neither to give up nor to feel inferior when I was at a lower edge of my career.

You were there listening to my endless laments of the 2nd bastard in my life.

I left you for a harsh comment from the 2nd bastard in my life.

I'm sorry that I've been mistreating you. You deserve a special place in my heart no matter how others think of you in a disapproving way. And you are ... PY's Little Blackbook. The vestigial part of me.