Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Series of my nightmare

I had this nightmare few weeks ago. If I were able to describe it vividly here, you probably won't believe as we all know, how clearly can we remember our dreams? Be it a sweet dream or a nightmare.

To put it short, the summary would be:

Carmen wanted to move out from us with short notice. Taken by shock, I asked where she was moving to. She told me she was moving back to Pelangi (our previous shelter before us moving into our current home). Agonized that we have to now start to search for another new housemate within the short notice given. And that was what I dreamt the other day...
P.S: Carmen, no offence. Somehow you just came up in my dream as the main character of the story.

I had this nightmare last night:

Don't remember a single thing from the dream. The only thing that I know is I woke up with a terrified me and cold sweat all over my forehead. I was simply terrified. Took a look at my room and was left with no choice but to embrace myself with the vast darkness and loneliness. At that point of time, I wished for a roommate or him to be around, badly. Couldn't fall back to sleep after that. And that was what I dreamt the other day...