Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some sarcasm to cheer me up

As I was lying at home and getting myself wasted when it was barely three in the evening, a good friend buzzed me up, "Hey, come join us for lunch in Scotch." Holding on my i-phone, I paused for a second. Then half-heartedly, I agreed to show up. Well, I don't really have a choice but to satisfy the curious minds of these good friends.

After being a coach potato for more than two days and finishing the half-dozen or more can of beers, I pulled myself up. Throw on a pair of Roxy beach-shorts which I got from Bali and the H&M spring colours halter top that I got from Hong Kong. I arrived there looking hot and altogether, or so I thought.

I sat myself in Scotch. There were four of us. The polite one showed me a caring and concern face. The others, they were grinning at me like one kind. The closest of all, broke the silence. Half giggling, she asked, "So, would you like to tell us what happened?"

I refused for a few minutes. But after only the first few sips of my beer, I began...

"Apparently... I'm an alcoholic, drug addict, risk taker, gambling addict and a shopaholic."

One of them replied, "Well, among ourselves. Alcoholic would be J. Drug addict would be S. Risk taker would be R. Gambling addict would be me. And Shopaholic would be C."

And she went on, "Too bad. I think you have accumulated all the bad traits on to yourself. How did you manage to do that?"

That was a good one. For the first time after two days, I laughed my heart out.