Thursday, August 26, 2010

The supposedly 40,000 words comment from NotSniw

A friend of mine prompted me on MSN telling me that he had written a 40,000 words comment on one of my post here. However, due to some technical error, the comment was not captured in my post. Out of curiosity I asked him to rewrite. Unfortunately, he was unable to do that, as he couldn't recall word by word the essay-alike comment. I further questioned him on what the content was all about, and here goes...

NotSniw says:
let me recall
" you have done well , that proves you to another big step , carry all the sweet memories with you leave the sad ones
then onwards...
too many i cant recall

PY says:
out of the 40000 words u wrote
u can only recall less than 20

NotSniw says:
actually i just wrote 20

PY says:
ok.. u dun want to rewrite
i blog it for u

So here goes one post for you NotSniw!