Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another one of those PY nights

Woke up in the morning with a terrible headache and hangover, why am I not surprised...

Tried very hard to recall last night... Bits of flashback here and there. Alas, I just can't remember the body of the story. Why bother, I tell myself. But the other side of me replied, of course you need to remember. It's not healthy living 2 nights a week of not remembering stuff.

Hit the bed for the second time in a much more peaceful way, and I was totally knocked out with fatigue. Woke up few hours later to realize that I was running late for AFU's service appointment. Took a glance at my phone and noted the missed calls. Damn, I was so deadly asleep that I couldn't hear WY's calls at all. There goes my driver for the day.

Quickly beeped my back-up driver. Phew~ He can make it. While sending me home, he commented that I smelled like a walking bottle of whiskey. Embarrassed. I simply brushed off the comment saying that I was drinking with colleagues last night. I told a 50% true statement. I was indeed drinking. With... HELL and HEAVEN.

Things to do for the rest of the day. To catch up with work, though I'm on leave. On second thought, while waiting for the hangover to move itself away from me, I might as well be a couch potato and catch up with my drama series. I felt like I've totally been run over by a truck.

Half watching the movie and half day dreaming, a zillion questions and thoughts ran over my mind. The Who, When, Where, Why and How.... They just seemed to have occupied my mind, uninvited.

Late in the evening, I began to catch up with my work. Managed to complete within the budgeted time? Of course not. I really need to work out a way to juggle this crazy workload and lifestyle of mine.

Lesson learnt for the day. NONE. Going to live another night where I can't recall the body of the story? PROBABLY AGAIN. Till the day comes when I'm condemned by it. I NEED THIS. Otherwise, I"m quite a handful. AT TIMES.