Friday, September 17, 2010

Someone's experience in Malacca.

There was once when I visited Malacca with my colleagues. We went for karaoke and I invited along my these two pretty girlfriends of mine from Malacca. My colleagues all went excited with the pretty girlfriends that I brought along. We were there drinking happily.

I went to the washroom and on my way back to our karaoke room, I passed by an empty room. I was really tired. I thought to myself, alright I'll just take a rest here. Just for awhile, just awhile will do.

And.... I dozed off. After don't know how many hours that I had dozed off, I woke up in a startle. I quickly returned to our room but to find that everyone had left without me. So I left the karaoke place and tried to get a cab to take me back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, in Malacca, its not easy to get a cab during wee hours. I walked on the street from one end to the other looking for a cab, but there were simply none. I felt slightly panicked. And I tell myself, "Alright, calm down..."

I saw a steamboat van and I told myself, to heck with it, I'll just have some food first. Thereafter, I tried asking the steamboat guy (whom is a bangladesh) if he knew the way back to the hotel. He didn't know the way or perhaps he didn't know what I was talking about.

Next, I saw a police patrol car right in front of a 7-eleven store. I approached them telling them that I'm from KL and I came to Malacca for a business trip. While having drinks with my bosses, I fell asleep. Now all my bosses have left the place and I have no idea how to get back to my hotel. And neither could I get a cab to send me back. I asked if it is fine for them to give me a ride.

The inspector asked what do I do for living. I told him I'm an accountant. He further questioned which company do I work for. I told them I work in BNM. I convinced them to send me back to my hotel.

On our way back to my hotel, the Inspector started asking me on how to do tax filling as he was afraid that he didn't do it properly. Upon reaching my hotel, he still wouldn't stop asking me on how to do tax filling....

Imagine, I had an inspector to send me back to my hotel and he wouldn't stop asking me on how to do tax filling. That was quite an experience. Totally hysterical.

And for once, this is not about me and this did not happen to me. I guess there are people who more f**k up than me, after a couple of drinks. :)