Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sharing session of my work: AUDIT

We had a work-related sharing session dinner in Jaya One. Throughout the dinner, we discussed on how we shall seek help from peers in order for us to get through the next peak period. I thought some of the small talks were funny and meaningful and wanted to keep it in my memory lane...

"S gives weird coaching notes. Sometimes he would just title the coaching note as J35. I scratched my head to figure out the message he was trying to bring out. He asked if it was that difficult for me to understand the coaching note, followed by PP's laughters at the back of his workstation. By J35, he was actually referring to the cell in my excel working paper. I think he's probably drunk when he's raising the coaching note to me" Quoted by LYY

"I once had a disastrous associate. I told him to vouch to some supporting documents. And he replied me, why don't you vouch it yourself. Me and the client went speechless" Quoted by LYY

"I have more patience than you, PY. If I tell you the associate is disastrous, SHE IS." Quoted by LYY

"Please help me to punch holes for the documents and file them in. She replied him, Do I look like a puncture to you?" Quoted by LYY

"If you ask me if I like audit. I do. But I hate the deadlines." Quoted by LYY

"We have to understand our role as an auditor. We do not create evidence. We gather evidence. It is the client's responsibility to make the evidence available to us. If it's not there, then it isn't. It is their role to prepare the schedules and reconciliations. Tell them, we are unable to prepare and self review, as that would not be independent." Quoted by AS

"Not coaching your team well = Deep shit for you." Quoted by AS

"When you snapped at your team members, you are jeopardizing your relationships with them. At the end of the day, that would not be beneficial to you." Quoted by AS

"If you ask me if I like audit. I do. But I hate my pay." Quoted by AS

"PY, your style would be to figure out things by yourself rather than seeking help from peers. As you think that it would be the faster way." Quoted by LC

"Certain clients purely enjoy torturing you. I think there are certain elements of personality imbalance in them. It is as though the more frustration, irritation, stress and unhappiness they create in you, the more satisfied they are. I do not understand where they are coming from." Quoted by ML

"There's a manager who likes to tell us to perform work based on assumptions. Isn't audit about evidence? Since when we start to perform our work based on assumptions?" Quoted by ML

"I can't stand a job which gives me too much personal time too. But not to the extend that I do not have any personal time." Quoted by SA

"I just want to have a minimal 6 hours sleep per day." Quoted by LPY