Thursday, August 26, 2010

The supposedly 40,000 words comment from NotSniw

A friend of mine prompted me on MSN telling me that he had written a 40,000 words comment on one of my post here. However, due to some technical error, the comment was not captured in my post. Out of curiosity I asked him to rewrite. Unfortunately, he was unable to do that, as he couldn't recall word by word the essay-alike comment. I further questioned him on what the content was all about, and here goes...

NotSniw says:
let me recall
" you have done well , that proves you to another big step , carry all the sweet memories with you leave the sad ones
then onwards...
too many i cant recall

PY says:
out of the 40000 words u wrote
u can only recall less than 20

NotSniw says:
actually i just wrote 20

PY says:
ok.. u dun want to rewrite
i blog it for u

So here goes one post for you NotSniw!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I was once a Grade A student and employee untill.....

You know what? I've always been the Grade A student in school. I've gotten 6As in my SPM (alright, in those days 6As is quite a good result. But not today, I know... ), 7As in my PMR and full As in my UPSR.


Yeah, I was kinda of a Grade A student in school.


And none of my friends have ever thought of me as a loser. They have always thought that it was a wonder how I could be so playful and yet excelled in my studies.


And my ex-bosses have always commented to me that I was a high performer in work...


After I joined my current company. I got off at the wrong foot.. Things had not been easy. With that kind of a situation, of course I would be upset as I had always been lucky with studies and career. At this sad turning point of your life, it would have been much comforting if there's someone whom would give you the moral support that you desperately needed. And guess what I've gotten? "You are a loser that cannot be further motivated other than alcohol..." And I went... WHAT THE FUCK?????

wakakakakkakakka.... come on.... Let's pretend that you are 'Lan lai fu ng siong pek' (direct translation from canton) right here at this escalator. I would like to see you do that..

Hello??? I was considered as a Grade A student okay......

And we finished off the conversation with laughter so hard that tears almost rolled down my cheeks...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some sarcasm to cheer me up

As I was lying at home and getting myself wasted when it was barely three in the evening, a good friend buzzed me up, "Hey, come join us for lunch in Scotch." Holding on my i-phone, I paused for a second. Then half-heartedly, I agreed to show up. Well, I don't really have a choice but to satisfy the curious minds of these good friends.

After being a coach potato for more than two days and finishing the half-dozen or more can of beers, I pulled myself up. Throw on a pair of Roxy beach-shorts which I got from Bali and the H&M spring colours halter top that I got from Hong Kong. I arrived there looking hot and altogether, or so I thought.

I sat myself in Scotch. There were four of us. The polite one showed me a caring and concern face. The others, they were grinning at me like one kind. The closest of all, broke the silence. Half giggling, she asked, "So, would you like to tell us what happened?"

I refused for a few minutes. But after only the first few sips of my beer, I began...

"Apparently... I'm an alcoholic, drug addict, risk taker, gambling addict and a shopaholic."

One of them replied, "Well, among ourselves. Alcoholic would be J. Drug addict would be S. Risk taker would be R. Gambling addict would be me. And Shopaholic would be C."

And she went on, "Too bad. I think you have accumulated all the bad traits on to yourself. How did you manage to do that?"

That was a good one. For the first time after two days, I laughed my heart out.