Monday, November 28, 2011

Hong Kong 2011

Our long awaited Hong Kong trip was fun filled. 

Our itinerary was made up of shopping, eating, sight seeing, etc. The food were scrumptious and mouth watering. H&M is a great place to shop. Ok, I'm done with blogging on our itinerary. 

Let's reminisce about those small talks and lame jokes which the laughters of them, are still very much vivid in my mind

HK Day 1

On our grand entrance to the magical Disneyland, we came upon the first stall selling all the pretty and cute Disney merchandise...
Us: Can we just take some pictures with the merchandise without making any purchases? (cheapskate to the max)
Salesgirl: Yeah sure, go ahead.
Me: Ooh, I love this Mickey glove. C, photo me in this.
C: Pretend you are grabbing WY
Me: Yea yea. (excited in pretending to grab WY)
We sounded so "salah". It was Disney. How can we be pretending to grab each other with the cute Mickey glove???

Of course I'm not going to post a picture of me grabbing WY here. This is the cute Mickey glove that I grabbed WY with :D

Our first show in Disney, Golden Mickey (A play with Disney characters dancing & singing)
Us: Ooh, Tarzan is so muscular and hot (drooling)
C: Yeah, didn't expect Disney to have such hot and sizzling play
Me: He's half-naked. So hot.
WY: Tarzan's character is suppose to be half-naked.
This bunch of women just can't stop being in the "salah" Disney mood.

HK Day 2

After a long exhausting day of shopping in City-gate and karaoke-ing, we went to bed at almost 4 am in the morning. Me and WK strongly agreed for all lights to be switched off during bedtime. WY being the last to bed were supposed to switch off all the lights...
Me: WY, there's still lights on. Please switch off all of them.
WY: Switch off all the lights? I'm scared...
WK: Don't be silly. There are four of us in the same room. What are you scared of?
WY: Where's the switch?
WK: Try the switch at this side.
WY: No, it's not.
Me: Try the switch at the other side.
WY: No, it's not. I don't care! It's too dark. I'm scared. I don't want to switch off all the lights. I'm going to bed now.
The "Beh Tahan Already" C got out of bed and switched off the last light bulb annoying me and WK to sound sleep. The next day, WY got the new nickname of "Princess".

HK Day 3

In Ocean Park, we took the cable car to the peak with my sweaty palms and new found fear of heights. Arriving at the peak, we took a boat ride, walked around and came upon a train ride...
Me: Let's take this train ride.
(All of us went into the train. While riding, we patiently waited for the exciting moment of the ride. The ride ended, but nothing half intriguing came along)
Us: Is that all? (rolling our eyes)
Me: Yeah, even kids can't be con by this ride.
Us: Eh, where is this? I think we just came down from the peak with the train. Ooh, the train is an alternative to cable car for those who are afraid of heights. Ocean Park is so well planned!
Aren't we a bunch a sweet bimbos :)

HK Day 4

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was one of my must visit places in Hong Kong as I was eager and excited to take pictures of myself with wax figures of internationally-known personalities.
Me: Ooohh.. I want to pretend I'm Marilyn Monroe. WY, take picture for me
WY: Ok
*Snap Snap*
Me: I look like "Lik Soo" more than Marilyn Monroe.
C: Let me try...
*Snap Snap*
C: I look like a "Lawyer" more than Marilyn Monroe.
Turned out, our wannabe ac were few of the most hilarious moments in Hong Kong
Failure of Marilyn Monroe Wannabe

We came along the Sumo figure and somehow B went along with our wannabe session, despite him commenting earlier that the wigs and costumes were extremely unhygienic.
C: Let me help you out
WY: PY, go help them out as well
PY: Ok
(The two of us fidgeted B with the costume for a while and managed to get him through it. B happily posed for the camera as we took photos of him in it. But.....)
WK: Err..., I think B got the costume wrong. The front of the costume went to the back of B
The moment we took a close look at the costume on B, we realised the nipples of the Sumo figure were at his back rather than his front. And we burst into hysterical laughter and tears almost roll down my cheek

Sumo costume gone wrong

HK Day 5

We made it to LKF on Friday night with the sole objective of downing some chilled beer and checking out some hot guys. In the end, our tummies were filled with beer and almost every corner of our eye-sights were filled with hunks. On top of that, our bonus of the night was a lesson on few of the lamest-pick-up-line/gesture ever:
Guy 1: Can I buy you girls some drinks...
WK: No thanks...
(Guy 1 not giving up yet and in between the conversation lines, he knelt down and gave her a kiss on her forehead)
WK: *Speechless* (Eeww... That's a bit over isn't it!)

Guy 2: There's a piece of tissue stuck to your shoes
C: Ok, thanks for informing
(after awhile...)
Guy 2: There's a piece of tissue stuck to your shoes
C: Ok, thanks again (Don't he get it? I don't mind or I don't care if there is tissues sticking to my shoes or not!)

Guy 3: Hi, nice to meet you
Me: Hi, nice to meet you as well
Guy 3: Where are you from? How often do you come here?
Me: ******** (With my hands covering my nose and mouth, I mumbled some answers to his questions. Reason being, he has got bad breath!)
And we laughed our hearts out that night for those "extra-ordinary" pick up lines.

HK Day 6

We had to move out from Louis' Hut as we didn't manage to book it for our last night in Hong Kong. We checked ourself into another smaller but more expensive hotel in Waterloo Road. Later in the evening, strutting along SOHO and Arena of Stars, sprinkled with facts and some creativity in imaginations, this is how we remember Louis...
Us: We miss Louis' Hut
C: Yeah and the bathroom which need the "Pump x 5 times" for unclogging
WK: If Louis had a hidden camera recording his guests in the bathroom, he must have been very turned off with that "Pump x 5 times" act.
Me: Nah, he'll probably be more turned on with the bent down position while C "Pump x 5 times"
Let's not get into too much details. In summary, it's funny how we fantasize Louis fantasizing about us.

HK Day 7 & Post HK Syndrome
Couldn't dig any further to my memories for jokes on our day 7.

Our Hong Kong trip lasted for 7 days but I'm pretty sure our jokes during the trip will last forever in my memories. And I make sure they last by writing it down here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blinded by?

Decade ago, I or many of us tell others, "You are blinded with love."

Today, I told a friend, "Some people are blinded with the idea of settling down, untill the reality hits."

So true, in a way, to me, at least.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My 3 simple wishes

If I can have any three wishes right this moment:

  •  I wish the house, the dishes and the clothes will clean themselves
  • I wish I have my own property with two ideal girlfriends living together with me and an ideal boyfriend staying over the weekend every fortnight 
  • I wish my existing debts will turn into assets

That's not too much to ask for right? I didn't even ask for a million dollars to be sitting in my bank account and I know my above wishes can be done with less than a million, probably excluding the two ideal girlfriends and one ideal boyfriend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unconditional Love

Who made what I am today?

  • She introduced me to TVB while I learn how to walk. Thanks to her I now stay up late till morning just to complete whichever TVB series I'm watching.
  • She whipped me mercilessly when I told my first lie. Thanks to her whipping, I suck in lying today.
  • I would throw a tantrum due to the noises of her mahjong playing. She will obediently stop once I complain. Thanks to her putting up with me, I graduate with above average results.
  • She worked her ass off trying to payoff my bills. I saw corns on her fingers and toes because she worked too hard. Felt a knife cut through my heart when I realise I caused her so much paint on her joints and back, just because I was fucking rebellious. 
  • I watched her back as she was preparing my favourite meal, perspire on her forehead, with all the heat from cooking. I doubt I would be able to cook her an equally tasty dish.
She's my mom.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cracking the Girl's Code

Girl's code. I think kinda broken that within these few weeks.

Perhaps I've done too much or said too much. Whatever I've said and done, I'm pretty sure I'm not trying to be nice just so that I can have a few more drinking friends. If I want a beer with companionship, I'll fucking go and have the beer. I don't need anybody's permission. 

I'm being nice and putting up with your snappish attitude because you are my friend and I'm generally protective of my friends. 

I could easily take your side with couple of white lies. But I didn't. I've chosen to be honest, just so that you can take a step back and stop being stubborn and angry, which at the end of the day would benefit yourself. Perspective differences. That would be the preferred way of me describing the situation. Not taking any sides.

Given the circumstances, you made it pretty clear that honesty is not the best policy. Fine, I'll just zip it up. Not commenting and not conveying any messages that I think you ought to know. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tentatively: Singapore in 2012

The first time I've thought of leaving Malaysia was when I was a teenager. In those days, just like most teenagers do, I would day dream about furthering my studies in one of those western countries. Why did I had that thought in my mind back then? Being a confused teenager, I was looking forward to the day when I return from my studies as a totally revamped and different person. Teenagers... They just try so hard to be "different" but in fact they are just a bunch of fools.

The second time I've thought of leaving Malaysia was when I was a young adult. I wanted so much to be an air-hostess so that I will be given the chance to see the world. I got the offer but I chickened out. Why did I chickened out? I had a heavy heart for my group of good friends and my studies. I thought I was pretty smart with my slightly above average academic results and could go further with my studies which would promise me a brighter future and better profession than an air-hostess.

After almost 10 years in KL, I'm now experiencing my third time of thinking about leaving Malaysia again. I know I'm no longer a fool. And I hope I won't chicken out again. I'm not the kind of person whom can easily move out of her own comfort zone. As I usually quote myself to others, I'm change resistance. But looking at my debts, I guess it's a critical situation requiring critical remedy to it. Given the choice, without all the debts, I would happily settle in KL for the rest of my single life. But I guess my life is not a bed of roses. It's time. Singapore in 2012.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

+ 4kgs

I weight myself the other day to realize I've gained a whooping 4kgs!?!?!? And the 4 lovely kgs go to the below scrumptious food at my regular spots over the pass few months:-

Yut Kee Restaurant, Dang Wangi
 Pork chop (My all time fav)

Lea & Perrins. They have a bottle of this on each of their tables.

Roast Pork

Steam bread. Their home-made kaya is good. (WY's all time fav)

I'm not a professional food blogger, if you want more details & a pinch of professionalism in it, go checkout others >>

Antipodean, Bangsar
 Porridge, honey & banana (His all time fav)

 Muesli with honey, yogurt & fruits salad (My all time fav)

Pumpkin & sweet corn fritter with bacon

From the professional >>

Marutama Ramen, Fahrenheit 88
 Love the soup & chasiu. WY claimed the soup is a bit too thick. But I simply love it. 

A bit pricey for a bowl of ramen, as commented by AOH, but I think t's all worth it.

From the professional >>

Wong Soon Kee Restaurant, Subang Jaya
The fried chicken, BEST !!!

Departure Lounge, Uptown Damansara
I love the cappuccino there, not simply because of the cute teddy bear milk-foam lar... They won some barista award though. And their DIY breakfast selection is quite creative. 

That's about it. If you haven't tasted any of the above, go ahead and give it a try. Let's get fat together-gether :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school

I'm not going to write a long story (like I usually do) of me being a newbie today. I don't want to have a vivid recollection of my importunate demands of my ideal working environment on the very first day of work. But then, a subtle recollection of conversations with friends does no harm.

So here goes H's call with me at 1:48pm

H: Hey, how's it going on?
Me: Fine.
H: Ok, I get your tone. You are in the office and it's not convenient to talk. 
Me: Ok, bye.

And then my message with WY at 3:36pm

WY: How's first day?
Me: Hmmm. Blur. Lol.

Thereafter my message with SV at 4:20pm

SV: Hey, how's your job??? Ok?
Me: First day nia. Don't know yet.

And then B's messages with me at 6:18pm

B: In Milan now. Just checked in. Need a shower first. How's your first day baby!?
Me: Milan 23 degrees. Fashion City. I'm jealous already. Souvenir have to be LV jor... Lol. Just joking... 1st day is boring. Hmm... Very operational stuff. The working environment is for married people. Sigh. But I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover huh. Give it 3 mths trial. Update you more next time on phone. And I thought you've forgotten about my first day... Hehe... Thanks & muacks. Have Fun
B: Whats app later after I sort out.

And then B never get back to me. Miserable me. When IK's message popped up, the childish me who was by then deprived of attention went loud and full blast at 7:22pm

IK: How is first day? Newbie...
Me: Tiring
IK: Do what on first day? Until so tired
Me: Listen to people talk. 
IK: .....
Me: And speak. Burst my talking, listening & questioning quota of the day. Zzzz.... And I can't live a day without pc / laptop. Which I did today. 
IK: :s
Me: And I miss PwC my comfort zone. Change resistant. You know... And I'm not used to an office filled with aunties shouting at each other on supply chain management. Zzzz.... That's about it. Laments for my first day. I need a beer ~~~ Lol
IK: Sounds like you had a fun filled day. More to come on second day. Good that you've finally!! Moved out of your comfort zone... Haha.. A day without a laptop can be killer... 
Me: Tell me about it T_T
IK: Beer ah... You'd find every excuse to get a beer won't ja. Aren't you still recovering from flu?
Me: Cured. By my new company. 
IK: Cured my ass!! Overnight
Me: Boredom cure flu. Never hear before meh
IK: .. Must be some kind of PY logic. You've have to explain to me next time you see me. Boredom can kill a person.. Not flu. But since today is your first day of work... Anything goes.. Hehe
Me: Speechless**
IK: Haha. So today you finish work early I gather
Me: Already at home la. If not how to be so responsive in what's app
IK: You already say nothing to do in office. So can what's app anytime
Me: Office hour is 8.30am to 5.30pm. FYI.
IK: Yes yes. I know you a very law abiding citizen.
Me: Memang. This is probably the first time I talk so much to you on what's app. You see the effect of this job on me?!?!
IK: So is that a good thing or bad?
Me: You say leh
IK: You choose the direction one wor. I was the one who was on sideline supporting. So memang talking to me is a bad thing now lar. Sigh
Me: Not that la... Never mind. 3 months trial. Like pc software. Ask me the same question again in Dec :) Hahaha. Geng. I just cheered myself up :)
IK: So meaning my next what's app message can only be in Dec.
Me: Lol. You still working izit?
IK: Nah... Couldn't concentrate... So went for dinner. You eaten, eating? 
Me: Neither. Diet. :P
IK: Diet but can think of beer....
Me: Liquid diet. PY philosophy. :P
IK: You outspoke me today in so many ways
Me: Thank you. Haha. Enjoy your dinner

Not exactly a short post isn't it (I know, I know.... ). But it's still subtle (in a doubtful tone). Haha, whatever.... It's worth remembering. I feel loved and cared for, friends. And that's partly because I blast out a FB status today stating....

"First day of school"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Quit Smoking Challenge

Whenever I mention to friends of my quit smoking challenge, close friends of mine would simply scoff at me (I wanted to say friends who know me well, but figured that the statement would imply that I couldn't do it).

Off and on I will keep trying. My present post about my quit smoking challenge indicates the 0% success level of my attempts to quit. But hey, at least I'm trying right!

Bought myself some quit smoking patches weeks ago. By right once I start using the patches, I'm not suppose to smoke at all......... Myself, while using the patches, I cut down my ciggies consumption by 50% (I smoke one pack per day previously. Yeah, I'm a chain smoker). Pharmacists and non-smoker friends would say that this is not the right way to do it. But hey, I'm proud enough that I manage to to cut 50%, if not all. 

I'm on the 5th week of the 12th weeks program. Wish me luck! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing Billy

Despite getting onto each other's nerves on petty matters, there's a weight in my heart after you left.

Despite telling friends and yourself that my eyes will not get teary while sending you to the airport, the tears came. Uncontrollable. My eyes are now slightly red and swollen and my nose looks like one of a red reindeer.

Last month and last week, I found it annoying when you occupied my room and I have less personal time. Now, I miss your belongings occupying the empty space in my desk, my drawer, my floor and my room. Now, I miss you occupying my time.

I miss you. All the best ~

Friday, August 26, 2011


Most couples spend their last few precious moments treasuring and enjoying each other's company. But we don't. We spend the last few precious moments snapping at each other. Gone is his politeness while conversing with me and gone is my patience to him taking over my room, snappish attitude and unpunctuality. 

A friend has once quoted that perhaps it was merely infatuation rather than love. At that moment, I half agreed with her. But never did it occur to me that it will turn into, getting onto each others' nerves.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hong Kong trip in 2010

The trip was more than a year ago. It was a short 3D2N trip, in celebration of my birthday. As my 2nd Hong Kong trip is nearing (some time this October), I browsed through the pictures that we took previously, reminiscing the fun times I had there with C.

It was freezing for me, 18 degrees. (Alright, maybe it's not freezing for everyone but it is for me!) And she had to force me to have that freaking expensive mango dessert with her at Temple Street, Hong Kong. (When mangoes are abundant and cheap in Malaysia).

Look at below, me trying so darn hard to smile when I'm actually shivering....

I've been watching Hong Kong TVB series since childhood, like most Malaysian Chinese kids do. Had always thought that the curry fish-ball should be delicious but not very spicy. Me finally had a tried of it, "Yup, it's delicious. Nope, it is not not-very spicy. Who says Hong-kie can't take spicy food????? "

My first experience with Disneyland. It's pretty small and we spent less than half a day in there. But for the sake of "Disneyland", I just have to go and take a look....

Alright, the Mickey garden was impressive ... (it's my first Disneyland what... )

So are the Mickey balloons...

Just to be in the "Disney" mood, I bought myself a Minnie Cap. By C's request, we bought ourselves each a Mickey Scrunchie. After our trip, she passed the scrunchie to her puppy as a toy. (Bitch.... )

The Merry-Go-Around was the only ride we took. There aren't any thrilling rides. Even the Merry-Go-Around took us a 30 minutes queue...

My first experience with Lam Kwai Fong. The crowd was breath-taking (Exaggerating? Nope, I'm not. I'm a party lover. I love crowds and drinks.)

Caught in the act...

The above story ended there. Me and C headed back to the hotel and continued cam-whoring.....

Although it was a very short trip, I enjoyed myself very much there. Am looking forward to the coming trip in October.....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


"Do you know what vodka is made out of? Potato. Do you know what stout is made out of? Barley. Do you know what beer is made out of. Malt. You have to know the source of what you are consuming."

Okay, I did know about the last two but I didn't about the first. Not that I'm doubting his statement but as I wrote the post, out of curiosity, I googled the source of vodka. Yup, it's made out of fermented potatoes.

"Do you know what does the song 'Fly like a G6' means? There's this luxurious business jet, Gulfstream 650. When they sing fly like a G6, it was referring to that jet."

I was impressed when he told me that, not knowing the fact. Months later, I read the same fact in a flight magazine. Perhaps he read it from the magazine as well, but months ahead of me.

"You know a person have to be vain in order to keep looking good."

Never thought that vain and looking good comes hand-in-hand. But now that he has mentioned it, it seems to be quite a true statement.

"Didn't you know that I'm doctor-know-it-all? Dear, TMJ is Tengku Mahkota Johor for short."

At that moment, he was so vain but yet captivating. 

"You and I, are kinda alike in many ways."

Alike??? Really??? I'm afraid to be like him.... 

And I realised, it has been one year since I got to know this person.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Block

At a road block...

Police: Dari mana ni
Me: Balik dari kerja. (yawning)
Police: Kerja apa ni? Lewatnya...
Me: Auditor
Police: Lewatnya. Nanti u kena kidnap. Kerja apa ni?
Me: I pun tak tau. Pagi sampai malam. Banyak letih. Sekarang nak balik tidur saja (yawning)
Police: Ok. U balik tidur sekarang.

Sorry dudes. This is Manglish. You can only understand this if you are a truly Malaysian.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

12 hours back-to-back

  • Started off with Kota D'sara
  • Complained non-stop to WY that I didn't have enough of sleep
  • Got lost while heading to KL. We went from talkative, to trying to entertain each other, to impatient and finally to silence! (Hunger shut us up)
  • Risk ourselves with a petrol-ran-out-case (praying hard at each slope that AFU won't die out in the middle of Tun Razak),
  • Had Ramen in Fahrenheit (WY probably Ramen OD by now)
  • Shopped in Fahrenheit, Sephora & Pavillion (WY is strong-willed. Applause*)
  • Visited Japan Street. Had Wasabi ice-cream food testing. Later, realised food in most outlet were sold out
  • Strolled the carpark for awhile looking for AFU. We were in such a rush for lunch earlier that we didn't bother remembering AFU's location. (Cat's quote came to my mind at that moment: Glutony could kill us one day)
  • With the eat-beef-all-you-can inspiration from Japan Street, tried heading to Daidomon for buffet to realise we couldn't make it on time for last call
  • Ended up in Shangri-La buffet. Budget might be slightly different but the objective is still there, eat-all-you-can. 
  • Total 12 hours back-to-back. Exhausted! Had a great day filled with silly jokes (me cursing the developers for no apparent reason, WY paranoid on the petrol case, the kerbau taxi driver, our volatile budget and choice for dinner, WY strategy in being finance savvy, etc)
And WY commented in FB: *clicked 'LOVE'*

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three years journey in PwC

On 2nd of June 2008, I embarked my journey within the firm, suffering a pay cut from my previous job. It takes a lot of courage for a person to suffer a pay cut. Neither am I a person who come from a well-off family whom have the benefit of working for interest nor was I a person who hated my previous job utterly that I would rather suffer a pay cut to move on. I was determined to set my foot in financial audit industry and I was determined to be in the firm that I've always wanted to work in while I was a college student.

I had 18 months working experience but I was offered a fresh graduate position. In the previous smaller firm, I was kind of a performer with frequent compliments from bosses. Needless to say, with the "big numbers" of experience in my mind and spoilt with compliments, I wasn't humble. I was an arrogant idiot who thought of herself as a much competent associate as compared to her peers, just because she had 18 months experience. Now that I've grown, learnt and developed with the years within the firm, I thought to myself, "Hell, you are one kind of an idiot back then."

With my head and hopes held high, my journey started with a three-weeks intensive training for a fresh graduate. It was filled with team building activities, sharing session lunches & dinners with peers, career coach, seniors & bosses, classroom training of the firm's administrative tools & practice methodology, tea-break sessions and not to mention a graduation party where the parents are invited. Upon completion of the training, I was overwhelmed and excited with the people representing the firm, the budget allocated to train people and the various system software & applications of the firm.

Thereafter, we were released to the realistic side of the firm. We were like a bunch of GRO-s, sitting at a corner, waiting eagerly for bosses or practice operation (administrative department who assist in allocating resources to client jobs) to book us on job. Among my peers within my own industry, I was the first to be booked. As I remember how a college peer had once told me, in a big firm, it very much depends on whether you set off your right foot in the firm. Being the first to be booked, you would've thought I was the blessed one. No, I wasn't. Or perhaps I was but I screwed up the opportunity given.

On the first client job and on the first day I met my senior, I informed her, "By the way, this is not my first job. I have some experience in audit." What on earth was I thinking back then?!?!?! I would say, arrogant and eager to impress. On the fifth day of the job, I was called to speak in private with her and the conversation goes:
Her: Can you tell me the progress of your work
Me: I've managed to complete one section. Now I'm starting on the second section.
Her: Do you think your progress is a bit slow? (I was supposed to complete five sections in ten days time)
Me: Yeah, I agree I'm kinda slow. 
Her: I would say, you are slightly below average. Our firm is very competitive. You need to put in more effort in your work. I hope you can take this positively. (In the end, she graded me as a "D" grader, performing below average and "E" is the lowest grading)
On the second client job, I was determined to improve. I didn't screw up, performing quite well I would say but some call it "as expected". I would not say I was disciplined though. The senior was strict.
1st day: I arrived at quarter past nine, later than him. I pulled out one of the invoices file and began my vouching work. Scrutinizing the supporting documents for my first sample, he asked, "Why are you scrutinizing the documents for so long? If you take more than 5 minutes to vouch a sample, it means you don't know how to do it."
2nd day: I arrived at half past nine, later than him again. I was partying the night before that and I'm pretty sure my breath smelt of whiskey. Upon arrival, he gave me a disapproving look and said, "Can you please drink some water to freshen up yourself before you talk to the client?"
3rd day: I arrived earlier than him and that was because he took half day off. Upon his arrival, he  checked on my progress for the first half of the day. After reporting to him my tasks completed, he asked, "How long did you take to do this section? If you take more than 30 minutes, it means you don't know how to do it."
4th day: Leaving the client office in the evening, I packed some of the files and documents to catch up on my work from home. He asked, "Why are you packing files home? We want efficient but not hardworking staff. Even I myself don't work after I leave the client office." 
On the third client job with the same strict senior, I was growing and disciplined. On one of the days while we were walking back to the client office after lunch, I excused myself for an after-meal smoke. Later when I was back in the office, he snapped,"We were sharing some information which you were not aware because you went smoking." Subsequent to the client job, he dropped me an email apologizing for his harsh comment on my smoking habit.

Sharing my experience of my first three client jobs, I would say the experience was... unique. Thereafter, I was based in office for some time. Often begging for client jobs, but wasn't allocated much. There were times when I was allocated to assist in paper shredding (what a demoralizing task).

Three months down the road, I was giving up and looking for a new job. But alas, it was late 2008 and it was the global economy crisis. Most companies / firms had freeze recruitment and for those which didn't, I would need to be performing above average in the interview in order to secure the job. I wasn't the chosen one, without doubt, considering that I was looking for a new job when I was only three months old in the firm. It is not a thing appreciated by the corporate recruitment culture in Asian countries.

Twelve months down the road, I tendered hastily and retracted after a long hard thought over the decision. I didn't want to be traveling on frequent basis, bearing in mind that I was dating a guy whom my love for him had grown abundantly ("past-tense').  I was proud to be working in the firm. I was not willing to give up the branding provided by the firm and I was not willing to give up without the acknowledgement that I was performing above average. I was graded as a "C" grader, performing as expected.

Two years down the road, I was promoted to Senior. With my promotion and new role, my opinion of the two seniors mentioned above changed. They were not nasty, harsh or strict. They were just some stressed-out seniors, juggling with various tasks and allocated with an associate (me), whom is 'very young in the firm'.

Three years down the road, I was graded as a "B" grader, performing above average. Feedback received from my career coach, "During the staff review meeting, comments were you are a hardworking and dedicated staff, with strong leadership skills."

Recently, I received an email reading as follow:

Dear all,
Following our Townhall meeting yesterday, I would like to re-present the list of WoW award winners from MMG for the last quarter ! 
Here are the Winners ......YOU ......Why you ?? 
Because we think YOU are AweSome ! We want to recognise YOU who have gone beyond the call of duty and walked the extra mile either demonstrating the PwC Experience behaviours  or/ and contributions to overall efficiency of the assignments. 
Keep up the excellent momentum ! 
You may collect your award certificates and "Delicious Vouchers"  from me directly or through Cindy.
Satisfied? Yes, very. I'm beginning to see the recognition I have in the firm. Do I think I'm competent? No, I'm not. They don't have much choices as most of the experienced seniors have left the firm. Do I think I'm hardworking? No, I'm not. I'm generally a lazy person but when deadlines are pushing, we don't have a choice but to push ourself to unknown limits. Do I still like audit? Yes, I do as the learning curve is still there. I like managing my team and managing my client. I like to be in a revenue generating unit (audit department in an accounting firm) rather than be in a cost centre (finance department in a company). I like the flexibility in the working locations and flexibility in the working commencement hours (I usually arrive work at 10a.m these days and occasionally, I have the privilege to skip work without taking leave provided I'm ahead of my tasks). I like debating on issues and different views of accounting standards (sometimes auditing can be an art rather than just accounting, you will only understand if you are an auditor or you were an auditor).

Few days ago, I received a call from Tesco. They offered me the position. I accepted the offer (myself half heartedly).  

Yesterday morning, I happily went in to HR Avenue (web-based HR tool) to view my latest pay-slip. It was our bonus day and salary increment day. The bonus was as expected but the salary increment was disappointing.

Later in the evening, I met up with A. Reassured him that I'm joining Tesco. (myself determined this time).

No matter how much I like doing audit, I would say at the moment, I like $$$ better.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Devil wears PRADA

Today marks the day when I own my first designer purse with an authenticity certificate card. My first time is a PRADA.

The purse wasn't a gift from B but a personal installment plan. Being a typical girl, I wished it was a gift. But in the end, with the installment plan offered, I don't mind as well, thinking at the end of the day, I do not want an expensive gift to complicate our young relationship. Initially I asked him if I could loan his credit card for the installment plan. Honestly, the request for loan is not a plot to get the purse as a gift from him. Coincidently, C couldn't offer me her credit card for installment plan due to financial reasons. Much to my dismayed, after I asked B, he told me he couldn't as well. And somewhere in between, in turned out to be a personal installment plan from him. At this point, I would say, it marks the first time that I get a personal installment plan from my ** as well.

Looking at both the first times I had today, an idea popped up to my mind. Let's make it a thrice! I shall post pictures to my blog for the first time, which shall be my proudly owned PRADA.

The gold PRADA logo goes oh-so-well with the red leather. Snapped it with Leme Leme application from my Iphone, adding the effect of light leak camera, KIR royal lens and black standard frame, my PRADA purse looks magnificent and artistic.

Tried another one with tilt shift camera, KIR royal lens and classic frame....

As per actual, without any application effects, it doesn't very look artistic but it's a piece of art from PRADA.

This evening, upon receipt of the FEDEX parcel in my hands, B told me, "You could've own an Ipad instead of this."

I replied him, "I don't need an iPad. I need a PRADA."

With my notes, coins, receipts, identity cards, driving license, ATM cards, credit cards, member cards and etc stashed in, it's good to go and ready for use!

Enough of playing time for me. Time to work twice as hard to work up the hole I've burnt in my purse. The old purse, of course ;D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mastering the "Benefit of Doubt"

Went through some posts from my Iphone today, forgotten what applications they were, but somewhere in between I saw the phrase that the benefit of doubt came from the Bible..

I'm not a Christian or Catholic, whichever way, I'm not very religious. Talking a half guess, I kinda understood the meaning when C quoted it to me for the umpteenth time while we were a couple.

He always complained that I'd never gave him the benefit of doubt. Why should I? Those were one of the thoughts back then. For me to give him the benefit of doubt, I thought he should do something to prove that he deserved it. But based on his historical statistics, he didn't manage to earn that "BENEFIT".

But today, as I were chatting happily away with WY on some small talks and updates of my relationship with B, she said, "Your tolerance and patience limits with B is quite high. Given the same situation with C, I think he could've ended up with various stitches on his head." God knows which incident she was referring to and I shall not go back there to tell a story which is simply a "HISTORY" now.

Now that I'm about to call it a day and rest myself in the bed, this thought came to me...
I give you the benefit of doubt. I thought these words will never come out of my mouth or cross my mind, but they did. ** Applause **

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My love hate relationship with "Smoking"

I'm a chain smoker. The pros of smoking: It's a real time killer and it goes so well with drinks. Nope, I don't think smoking is cool. It's just a bad habit that I lack the determination to quit. 

The cons of smoking: Dozens. Dullness in my skin tone. Lips which are no longer pinkish. Yellowish teeth. Bad breath. My hands don't smell sweet. Puts a hole in my purse. Shorten my life by another 10 or 20 years... 

I know...... I know...... 

But then, when there's someone else who keeps nagging you at your bad habit. Giving you that disapproving look each time u lit a cigarette. Despising your breath of smoke. Hinting at every chance the cons of smoking. 
I just want to say aloud, "GIVE ME A BREAK!!!"

Each time when I'm about to lit a cigarette in his presence, I could visualized his disapproving expression. Out of guilt, I actually asked, "Can I smoke?" This is no fucking smoke free country and this is no fucking smoke free zone. Why the fuck do I have to ask if I can smoke??? I'll just fucking lit a cigarette and inhale deeply the nicotine and tar to my lungs, so long as I feel like it. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH..... 

Alright, sanity bell ringing. I know in this new era, people are health conscious and so should I. Smoking is no longer labelled as cool. In fact, it makes you look trashy when you are smoking. The price of cigarettes are flying up high, price in-elasticity, as the economist would call it. And I know, the sight of the dull skin tone, yellowish teeth and finger nails, purplish lips, is far far away from the word "attractive". But it's so darn hard ......... with all the nagging....... 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The daunting Burberry case

Forgotten how it all began, but the idea of him buying me a gift was one of our topics of the night. I love presents, who wouldn't?

Within days, we ended up strolling in the Gardens. Walked in to the Mac City to get myself a universal dock, but the accessory wasn't design to work like the way I thought it would. Which was a perfect excuse for me, as I already have another item sitting in my literal shopping cart.

The gorgeous Burberry purse was what I wanted. Drop him some subtle hints and we were there queuing in front of the Burberry shop. With one hand holding me and the other hand fidgeting with his phone (he's a total anti-social gadget person), we stood in the line for a few minutes. In that few minutes, out of nowhere, I seemed to be daunted by the Burberry purse as a gift.

 I turned to him and say, "Let's go, I don't feel like queuing to get in to the Burberry shop." I'm such a liar. Egoistic, I wouldn't want a gift just because I knew I couldn't afford it. I'll just stick to my lousy DKNY purse with my head held high as I walk away from the Burberry shop. I'll get that check print purse some other day, when I can afford it or with someone I'm more comfortable with.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Green is the new black in fashion, but it's not in others. When will I understand this concept???

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Astonishing career offers within weeks

2nd week of May:

Went for an interview with Tesco, after much urges from an ex-colleague. He was a great help, providing advises on how to present my resume in an impressive way, insights of the background of Tesco without myself lifting a finger on Wikipedia or Google so as to make the adequate last minute research of the Company, tips on the questions to expect during 1st and 2nd interviews including the suggested or ideal answers and nevertheless the 101 reasons for me to leave PwC for Tesco. There were some elements of selfishness in his various gestures, perhaps he just wanted more "one-of-a-kind" in his team or perhaps it was his reputation at stake after him selling me hard to his bosses, irregardless of whatever the reasons behind it, the gratitude for his actions have anchored itself within me. After the 1st and 2nd interview, I got the offer informally. Informally in the sense that my ex-colleague has informed me that his bosses have short listed me and they are patient enough to hold the position vacant for the next two months, in the benefit of me. However, offer letter has yet to be issued and there were no expected date communicated to me on the issuance of it. Merry me, when the news were made known to me. Rushed home to celebrate the good news... but... ended up drinking alone with one of my many favourites of Single Malt brands, Highland Park till 3 am.

3rd week of May:

Got head hunted by Kuwait Finance House. Scheduled an interview on 6th June 2011. Can feel my increasing marketability. The head hunted interview is a boost to my self confidence. I'm within the mass market.

1st week of June:

Astonishingly, I was head hunted again by another recruitment agency for an oil and gas company. I was given the opportunity to work on the shared service team for Middle East market or the Europe market with working shifts suiting to the respective markets office hours. Middle East would be 12.30pm to 9.30pm whereas Europe market would be 4.30pm to 1.30am. I thought to myself, this is perfect for me. I'm not a morning person. Feeling ecstatic, rushed home to celebrate and to receive a bear hug or a pat on the shoulder for my various recent career opportunities... but... a private jet ended up at my place (meaning fong fei kei in Chinese a.k.a he didn't turn up for the date). Disappointed? Slightly, but I understand the fact that he will leave in near future and I might as well not develop the dependency for his presence, care or concern in my day-to-day life.

Was boasting to a friend on my various career opportunities and the conversation goes:-

Me: I actually got head hunted once a week.
Him: Wah, best. Belanja makan. I'm happy for you.
Me: Haven't accept the offer yet.
Him: Haven't accept also belanja.
Me: Crazy, it's like I didn't win the lottery but can buy the bungalow.
Him: Eh, go for interview first. Polish your skills. Get offer letter like getting medals. Then reject them like reject men. (I almost fell off the chair laughing at his last comment)

He's right in a way. I do feel the "wanted-ness" with these various career opportunities within these few weeks. It's as though I'm 18 once again and there's various men lining up in the queue for me. Except the difference this time is, I know I've worked hard for this reward and the amount of effort I put in my career is going to give me the equivalent reward or perhaps the expected reward in return. Very different from relationships, when results are always in an ambigous stage.

I'm a freako. After babbling for an hour or so, I can manage to relate work/career to relationships??? What the heck.. Let's call it bewilderment and let's call it a night.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A strange rule of closeness among people

Friends, these are the people that I will not stay mad at for a long time. Irregardless of whether he or she would leave my bathroom in a mess. Irregardless of whether how many times he or she stood me up for other friends. Irregardless of whether he or she remembers my birthday or not. Irregardless of whether the both of us are at the other end of the world from each other. At most, I would describe him or her as a friend whom has grown apart through time. But I would never describe him or her as someone that I have "de-friend".

Family, these are the people that I will never ever be mad at. Irregardless of whatever unpleasant actions they have done to me. I can never tell people that I have de-family my parents or siblings just because there were some unpleasant experience. 

Aha... There goes the boyfriend / girlfriend thingy. Just because the other person aren't punctual on dates or just because the other person can't bear with each other's living habits or just because there's this regional barrier or just because of whatever petty reasons, people can actually "de-partner" their partner. That's weird. People can be forgiving to most of the people, but yet they can't be forgiving to their closest and most intimate partner. It's strange how the closer you are the easier it is for you to push each other apart.

Or at least that's what I thought.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beatles-I want to hold your hand

Let's bid goodbye to Jason Mraz-I'm Yours and say welcome to Beatles-I want to hold your hand

And I kept humming the tunes in my head... I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand

Monday, April 25, 2011

A date with a hottie

I've never dated a hottie. Have always tell myself that we shouldn't be shallow minded and should look beyond the physical appearance. Perhaps there should be a change of how I do things or see things. And C showed me a hands up, agreeing to the point.

And there I went for a date with a hottie. He wasn't dressed up. All casual. As he talked to me, I looked as though I was paying my fullest attention, while my thoughts and eyes went adrift. Scrutinized his features. He was once a hottie, as I remember it well. As years passed by, with all the smoking, partying hard and ageing, the hot-ness has wear off a lil bit. But overall, the attractiveness is still there.

Conversations were light hearted. There were some quiet moments. I felt that it was awkward. We sat ourselves at one corner in McD, as I silently triumphed over the fact that I'm dating a hottie...

Did my heart race faster? No, but it wasn't a lifeless beat. Did it turn out to be a fantastic night because of the good looks? No, but it wasn't a boring night.

Conclusion, I brought myself a trophy home that night. I dated a hottie, once and for all. I wondered if these are the thoughts that goes into a man's mind, when he rarely date a hottie, and have finally done it once and for all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My birthday invitation

"I'll turn 28 on Saturday night. To evident this moment, please make yourself present in Alive, Sunway tomorrow at 10pm. My birthday wish: Free flow all night long for PY. Cheers~"
And I blasted the message to close friends who are most likely to make it there

Friday, April 15, 2011

GoodHope Skudai Hotel

First night in the hotel, the air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROL went missing. Nope, the room wasn't hot, but the other way round. It was a total freezer. Called up the guest service to be informed that there was nothing that they could do about the room temperature or changing of rooms for the night. Put on my sweater, curled myself up in the blanket and that was how I spend my first freezing night in this lousy hotel named, GoodHope Skudai Hotel.

Second night in the hotel, after my complaints, they gave me some options. It's either I move to a room with a double bed but five floors away from my colleagues or I move to another room with a single bed but on the same floor with my colleagues. I prefer a double bed, with the convenience of rolling around it with my laptop as I watch movies till I knock myself out in deep sleep. Arrr but then, I chickened out. Five floors seemed a bit far from the rest. Hence, I ended myself up in the single but STINKY bed. And there goes another rough night.

The third night and the third room switched in this hotel, with myself being probably the most demanding customer in this barely 3-star hotel. This time, the room is fine, although overall it's still lousy and below my expectations of a decent hotel room. Rested myself in the DOUBLE bed room with an air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROLLER and a glass of Highland whiskey purchased from the Duty-free zone, I managed to relax myself.

As my thoughts wonder in this hotel room, the scene or situation seems familiar to me. In was as though in 2007, when I was a freshie doing my first audit client in JB. And the reminiscences flashed vividly in my mind.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Princess Sickness

There's this latest saying in the Hongkie series, "The Princess Sickness."

Watching the series, the "Princess" would be someone who has never taken a bus, someone who will only wear branded clothes, someone who know nuts about cooking and washing, someone who believes that good quality comes with a pricey tag that she can always afford to pay, someone who has a servant/slave to attend to her at all times and etc etc.

Living in this hectic world, which girl would not wish they have this "Princess Sickness" in themselves? I wish I'm severely infected with this sickness and there is no way to cure it. But alas, a knock on my head, reality hits me. And I should hit the bed and begin my next day living far far away from the "Princess" world.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sex and the City quotes that I love

There's a million reasons why majority of the women out there love Sex and the City. The men shall never understand, perhaps there are really not interested or perhaps they just don't want to challenge their ego that this chick flick series is actually interesting.

Came along a Sex and the City fan site, and noted the following memorable quotes. Girls, if you have not followed all the series, you have really missed out a lot...

"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet!"

 I love this, I'm a shopaholic.....

“Oh please! There's always a contest with an ex. It's called who will die miserable."

I love this, I'm in fact competing here.....

“Carrie, you can't date your f*** buddy.”

I love this, at times I do think about dating one of "those"

“How did it happen that four such smart women have nothing to talk about but boyfriends? It's like seventh grade with bank accounts.”

I love this, we do talk about boyfriends frequently irregardless of our EQ nor IQ, so long as the love-sick thingy hits you. Or at least I do.....

“I can't be hemmed in by rules. I go with my emotions.”

I love this, I've never been labelled as the "books" or "rules" kinda person. I go with whatever came to my mind.

“People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates- hoping to win the jackpot.”

I love this, not just about blind dates. Relationships are kinda like the casinos. Isn't it?

“What’s really going on here is sex. Good, Old-fashioned, Eager-to-please, do-what-I-tell-you-to sex.”

I love this, because it's.. hmm.. it's just good sex without emotions attached... :P

“Does a string of bad dates really equal one good one?”

I love this, I hope that's the truth.

“It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!”

I love this simply because I'm in love with shoes, way before the series. My fell deeply in love when someone inspired me that, "Shoes will always fit."

There's still a zillion.. but can only post this much. Laptop battery dying.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

NERD or BRIDGET JONES look-a-like

I've been working my ass off for the past week, with barely 5 hours sleep a day. Come Friday, I forced the team to stay back including one who almost missed her mother's birthday. I'm a nasty person, ain't I? I knew I was being nasty but I thought to myself, sometimes there are certain things when they have to be done, means they HAVE to be done.

After work on Friday night itself, I drove all the way to Changkat BB to meet up with the girls in my office clothes, which is way far from being defined as HOT. I had couple of drinks and left early, before the party started. I was too exhausted to party anyway.

The next day, SATURDAY!!! I thought to myself, time to throw myself a party on this sizzling Saturday night. Messaged couple of friends looking for the right plan. Finally, I checked in to the Bedroom in Pavilion. Went shopping and dressed myself up to supposedly be looking hot. Arriving there, friends commented that I looked CUTE in my RED RIDING HOOD outfit. Helloooooo??? Left the place early again and ended up at home with maggi mee and some TVB drama series.

Woke up in the noon and could literally feel the weight gain after I pigged out last night with all the maggi mee. I swore to myself that I shall do some exercise and have some lighter meals. Within hours after my resolution of the day, I had BANANA LEAF RICE for lunch. And I did not manage to do any sort of exercise as I was working in office till late. As though it's not bad enough, I had couple of beer before hitting bed.

I think I'm turning into a NERD or BRIDGET JONES look-a-like..........

Monday, March 14, 2011

Milestones of our life

Milestones of your life? Ever heard of it?

Sometimes I think life is all about achieving the pre-determined milestones of your life. Despite the various effort to not fall into the pre-determined milestones, but yet, we do.

Graduation from school or college was a milestone set by your parents. Which most of us achieved and was simply a basic requirement.

Your first love was somehow another milestone of your life. When everyone began dating, why aren't you? You began the search of a companionship.

Your first job was another essential milestone of your life. Meals don't come free do they? At least for most of us.

There onwards, came along was your first car, property, designer handbag, luxurious holiday and the various materialistic milestones of your life. We are indeed living in a materialistic world, which without some ownership of these items, we wouldn't feel complete.

Next come the question of settling down. Are you dating someone seriously? Has marriage been discussed? How many kids would you like to have in the future? And some people would say, a family is not complete without children. And I thought, why settle for the sake of settling. Why can't you just enjoy the pure companionship of the other. But yet, these are again milestones of your life.

The is what I hate most. The question of, "Where do you see yourself in another 3 or 5 years time?" If it was a job interview, I would've replied provided the guts, my 3 or 5 years plan would depend on what the company has to offer me in terms of career progression. Why asked me on my long term plans, when you aren't committing any to me? If you had, what am I doing here in an interview with you.

Given the choice to be honest about the milestone of my life, I would say... I have none. I'm not dumb nor lack of ambitions. But why can't we just live life in a short term way.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Ya-da Ya-da Thoughts

Tried to remove my eye make-up with the lotion... Kept rubbing them to my eyes and I thought how come they are not working as they usually do. Took a look at the bottle of lotion I was holding to, shit... it's not the eye make-up remover at all. It's the toner. No wonder it's hurting my eyes as I rub them into it... "I shall blame it on my fatigue from work."

Bought flight tickets to Melbourne, despite it being over-priced. Checked out the AUD exchange rate to MYR. Damn... how can it be higher than USD. There onwards after I committed myself to the flight tickets, I began to wonder about my financial planning. Yeah man, I sucks in my personal financial planning. And there goes my plan to clear my various debts within current year. And there goes the resolution to myself that I shall not be seen as a big spender without proper planning from him.... "I shall blame it on LP, it's her final year there though."

I was working late on the file, while I asked myself why the hell am I working so hard on this client... "Perhaps it's because I have a crush on the client which is not going to go anywhere further than the auditor client relationship."

I was stalking him on FB when he suddenly message me. Undeniable, surprised and ecstatic I felt. When I began to ask him about his bad night, he told me it was because of the divorce papers from his ex-wife and he was the one in the fault causing the divorce... "When will I stop falling for bummers and complicated men."

A friend took me out for dinner in the expensive Japanese restaurant, which I had earlier wondered the motive behind the dinner. Didn't think I was getting lucky that night. After some casual conversation, he asked if I am interested to join his company, with a much lucrative pay but yet undefined job scope... "Which is more important? Cash, more personal time but perhaps less hobbies or something that I'm proud and pleased to be doing?"

Was msn-ing an old friend and bitching bout the bastardy bastard to realise that, I still hate him tons. He mentioned to her that he was feeling emo and therefore all the emo songs he sang on karaoke. He mentioned to her that he's not the easily jealoused type but yet he mentioned to her that there were guys calling me at late nights and bringing food to me at late nights. He mentioned to her that he moved on because it's time for him to settle down and think about family and kids. He mentioned to her that there's another girl which my friend has described as fairer and with bigger boobs. And I thought...."What the hell is he feeling emo/sad for when he wanted to end it in the first place? What the hell is the non-jealousy type of him when he's mentioning the cases to other people? What the hell, do I look like I'm f**king unfertile to him? What the hell, should I just go for comestic surgeon course which whiten my complexion and enlarge my boobs?."

And there goes the Ya-da Ya-da thoughts of the day....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Give me a break

You are dead

You are dead

You are dead

You are dead

You are dead

By repeating that several times to myself, I'll manage to convince myself that you are DEAD. Give me a break man....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Ignored

Mom brought me up with good manners. I don't ignore people (at least I try to, mind the fact that I might have forgotten to respond or I just couldn't hear the other person speaking to me). Ignorance is rude. Agree?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A quote that I fonder

Came along this line which I thought will give us, all the girls/women out there the courage boost,

You don't have to loose the girl in you to be a woman. You just have consider who are the people around when you let that girl out of you...

Material Girl

I took a look at the mini and I thought to myself when will I ever get to feel the adrenaline rush in that car of mine...

I took a look at the LV handbag and I thought to myself when will I ever get to carry that bag of mine...

I took a look at the wine bottles and I thought to myself when will I ever get to sip all those wine of mine...

I took a look at the travel package and I thought to myself when will I ever get to travel to Maldives, Mauritius, Holland, Venice, Italy, Paris and etc, those frequent holiday locations of mine...

I took a look at the luxurious condominium and I thought to myself when will I ever get to move in to that place of mine...

I took a look at the hunk sitting across me and I thought to myself when will that boyfriend of mine starts talking to me...

I took a look at the name-card and I thought to myself when will my company print me one with that position of mine...

I took a look at the radiant complexion of hers and I thought to myself when will I uncover that radiant face of mine without make-up...

I took a look in the bikini-s and I thought when will I have the courage to wear that in this hot body of mine...

I guess the lack of sleep does spark the materialistic thoughts of mine and the illusionist side of me. None of the above are mine. In time, they will. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm NOT yours

The scene remain vivid in my mind. I thought it was just another one of those routine argument of ours. But it isn't. Perhaps I should say he was just being his routine self, and I'm not. I got exhausted begging for it...

While on the phone, I could feel the tears within my eyes and within my heart. But I hold it strong, as I tell myself, this is not going to be another routine scene.

Felt like screaming at the top of my lungs after we hang up. But it wasn't convenient as it was in public. I'm not a crazy woman.

Called up my best friend to tell her how upset I was. I thought I would break down while talking with her. But I didn't. Quickly brushed off the matter telling her I just want to drive home.

Reached home. Nobody was around. Took a look at the house. It was filled with all the memories that we had, though we never stayed together. Every corner of the house seems to be filled with the thought of him. I murmured to myself, "It's over, it's really over... really over... really over."

Tears once again recollected itself. But I quickly dried them up. Went out for some drinks, thinking perhaps it would put my mind off things.

After a couple of drinks, my friend gave me a pat on my head and shoulders. Not sure if it was the pat on the head and shoulders or if it was with the alcohol influence, I finally broke down. Quavering, I cried my heart out of it.

It was another painful moment. As though a knife has just cut itself through my heart.

The next day, I woke up. Put aside everything. And I thought to myself, "Hey... it isn't that bad. I got over it pretty quick."

Monday, January 31, 2011

My choices of men/women so far....

Let's take a look at the blueprints of my choices of men/women:

1. He was a shy boy, though he excelled in his studies. We went out for about a week, and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he couldn't decide where we should go for lunch. And I was only 13.

2. She was with specs and quite a talkative person. We talked on the phone for hours and hours. We went out for the first date, and I broke it off with her. Reason being, it's plainly odd to be holding hands with a girl. And I've turned 14.

3. He had exotic looks and I gave my first kiss to him. I have yet to pick up smoking back then and when we kissed, I thought I kissed an ashtray. We went out for about a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he didn't turn out on a valentine's date. And I was still 14.

4. He was tall, approximately 6 feet. I had my first orgasm with him, though we were not having sex. We wend out for about 2 months and I broke it off with him. Reason being, hmm... he was quite a bore? And I was still 14 again.

5. He rode a lousy motorbike but yet he was the most gentleman of all. We started with a slow dance and a french kiss. As a teenager, he was my mom's favorite, of all my puppy love. We went out for about 4 months and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he told me he didn't want to go oversea or outstation after his studies, so that he can be with me. He scared the commitment shit out of me. And I was still 14 again and again....

6. He had long hair and was influential with friends. After dating for a week, he stopped picking up my calls and disappeared from my life. Few months later, I bumped into him to be informed with a lame excuse, his friends disapproved us dating each other. I was 14. Because of him, I stopped dating anyone for quite some time.

7. He drove a satria and had a weird nickname, something to do with him keeping his nails long. We dated for a few days and I broke it off with him. Reason being, his hands were too smooth for a man and it was weird when we hold hands for the first time. I was 15.

8. He introduced me to the song "Fire" and he recorded a music tape for me. He was sweet. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, my best friend didn't get along with his best friend, thus I barely had time for him. I was 15 again.

9. He was the fairest of all and he was the first to make it till 12 months. He was very sad when we separated. We separated because I thought it's time for me to move on from a man that doesn't have a stable job. I was 16.

10. He drove a sport car and was very into WWF. We dated for a few weeks. I took a bus all the way to KL to meet him on a special day. We broke it off right after the KL visit. Reason being, he presume I wasn't a V and should not hold it long till I sleep with him. I was 17 then.

11. He can rap like eminem and he doesn't understand chinese. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he asked me which handphone I would prefer him to use and which colour I like to see him wearing. I was 18.

12. He's cute though he's always in mood swing. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, while he was in his mood swing, he threw a bottle at my best friend's car. I was 19.

13. He was quite a drinker. He was the sweetest of all. Always a "Yes" man. Always eager to satisfy my demanding needs. We went through four years and ended it uglily. I smashed a bottle in his head after we broke up. I was 20.

14. He was the first guy I dated since I entered the working world. Of all, he was the most rational and most decent..... Shall not comment further. I was 25.

I still...., but not...

I still get worried, but not worried sick.

I still get angry, but not burning with anger.

I still get jealous, but not green in colour.

I still get disappointed, but I don't sigh.

I still get upset, but not to the extend that my heart aches.

I still get insomnia, but not filled with tears.

The only thing that is not changing, is that I still have a can of beer next to me, and a ciggie in my hand. I thought to myself, if I could quit the beer and ciggie, I could quit any other habits that doesn't add value ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

This curious mind of mine

There's so much sweet, considerate and caring stuff that he / she has done. But somehow, at times, there's this cold shoulder from him / her...

If only I could kill this curious mind of mine... Then I can't and the same question keeps popping and re-popping to myself.

"What is going on in the other person's mind?"

And I thought to myself, time could have been spent better on others, rather than all these silly doubts of mine.

Coffee stain

Went to work late, rushing in to the office and as I fetched myself a cup of coffee from the vendor machine, I clumsily spilled the whole cup of coffee onto my white shirt. I re-entered the office, feeling embarrassed with my massively stained shirt. And I felt that my bad day has just begun.....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Audience of my posts

And I wonder who owns the iphone which is viewing on my posts... FYI, we can check statistics of audiences by browsers... (i.e. internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, iphone, etc)

Whoever it is, it's either you are concern, or you have nothing better to do for your day, or you just happen to bump into mine. Either way, thanks for killing a bunch of boring minutes of your day for the craps I've written here. Hopefully, you are not somebody that I'm very close with...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Various cup of teas

She said, "Y is totally not your cup of tea right?"

I replied, "Yeah, if he were to be a cup of tea, he would've been a cup of raspberry tea. My least favorite."

And I thought to myself, if K were to be a cup of tea. He would definitely fit in the category of a green tea.

C? That would be a mug of beer. Chilling but yet fattening and bad for health.

The thing is, when will I quit beer for green tea.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My narcissistic friend

While I was chilling out with my narcissistic friend, he went on and on about stories of how successful he is right now (which I don't agree, perhaps in the future I will).....

He mentioned something about the solution to indecisiveness. One of it was to write down the cons (mind the pros) in a piece of paper and that would somehow help you in making up your mind. The trick to it is to write it down in a piece of paper. Your brain working around the cons would not be effective without that tiny piece of paper.

Doesn't make sense right? Yeah, he's full of shit. But though he's full of shit, there were other advises from him that night which seemed to have more sensibility in it. But I prefer to blog about his craps :P