Friday, March 11, 2011

My Ya-da Ya-da Thoughts

Tried to remove my eye make-up with the lotion... Kept rubbing them to my eyes and I thought how come they are not working as they usually do. Took a look at the bottle of lotion I was holding to, shit... it's not the eye make-up remover at all. It's the toner. No wonder it's hurting my eyes as I rub them into it... "I shall blame it on my fatigue from work."

Bought flight tickets to Melbourne, despite it being over-priced. Checked out the AUD exchange rate to MYR. Damn... how can it be higher than USD. There onwards after I committed myself to the flight tickets, I began to wonder about my financial planning. Yeah man, I sucks in my personal financial planning. And there goes my plan to clear my various debts within current year. And there goes the resolution to myself that I shall not be seen as a big spender without proper planning from him.... "I shall blame it on LP, it's her final year there though."

I was working late on the file, while I asked myself why the hell am I working so hard on this client... "Perhaps it's because I have a crush on the client which is not going to go anywhere further than the auditor client relationship."

I was stalking him on FB when he suddenly message me. Undeniable, surprised and ecstatic I felt. When I began to ask him about his bad night, he told me it was because of the divorce papers from his ex-wife and he was the one in the fault causing the divorce... "When will I stop falling for bummers and complicated men."

A friend took me out for dinner in the expensive Japanese restaurant, which I had earlier wondered the motive behind the dinner. Didn't think I was getting lucky that night. After some casual conversation, he asked if I am interested to join his company, with a much lucrative pay but yet undefined job scope... "Which is more important? Cash, more personal time but perhaps less hobbies or something that I'm proud and pleased to be doing?"

Was msn-ing an old friend and bitching bout the bastardy bastard to realise that, I still hate him tons. He mentioned to her that he was feeling emo and therefore all the emo songs he sang on karaoke. He mentioned to her that he's not the easily jealoused type but yet he mentioned to her that there were guys calling me at late nights and bringing food to me at late nights. He mentioned to her that he moved on because it's time for him to settle down and think about family and kids. He mentioned to her that there's another girl which my friend has described as fairer and with bigger boobs. And I thought...."What the hell is he feeling emo/sad for when he wanted to end it in the first place? What the hell is the non-jealousy type of him when he's mentioning the cases to other people? What the hell, do I look like I'm f**king unfertile to him? What the hell, should I just go for comestic surgeon course which whiten my complexion and enlarge my boobs?."

And there goes the Ya-da Ya-da thoughts of the day....