Monday, March 28, 2011

NERD or BRIDGET JONES look-a-like

I've been working my ass off for the past week, with barely 5 hours sleep a day. Come Friday, I forced the team to stay back including one who almost missed her mother's birthday. I'm a nasty person, ain't I? I knew I was being nasty but I thought to myself, sometimes there are certain things when they have to be done, means they HAVE to be done.

After work on Friday night itself, I drove all the way to Changkat BB to meet up with the girls in my office clothes, which is way far from being defined as HOT. I had couple of drinks and left early, before the party started. I was too exhausted to party anyway.

The next day, SATURDAY!!! I thought to myself, time to throw myself a party on this sizzling Saturday night. Messaged couple of friends looking for the right plan. Finally, I checked in to the Bedroom in Pavilion. Went shopping and dressed myself up to supposedly be looking hot. Arriving there, friends commented that I looked CUTE in my RED RIDING HOOD outfit. Helloooooo??? Left the place early again and ended up at home with maggi mee and some TVB drama series.

Woke up in the noon and could literally feel the weight gain after I pigged out last night with all the maggi mee. I swore to myself that I shall do some exercise and have some lighter meals. Within hours after my resolution of the day, I had BANANA LEAF RICE for lunch. And I did not manage to do any sort of exercise as I was working in office till late. As though it's not bad enough, I had couple of beer before hitting bed.

I think I'm turning into a NERD or BRIDGET JONES look-a-like..........