Monday, April 25, 2011

A date with a hottie

I've never dated a hottie. Have always tell myself that we shouldn't be shallow minded and should look beyond the physical appearance. Perhaps there should be a change of how I do things or see things. And C showed me a hands up, agreeing to the point.

And there I went for a date with a hottie. He wasn't dressed up. All casual. As he talked to me, I looked as though I was paying my fullest attention, while my thoughts and eyes went adrift. Scrutinized his features. He was once a hottie, as I remember it well. As years passed by, with all the smoking, partying hard and ageing, the hot-ness has wear off a lil bit. But overall, the attractiveness is still there.

Conversations were light hearted. There were some quiet moments. I felt that it was awkward. We sat ourselves at one corner in McD, as I silently triumphed over the fact that I'm dating a hottie...

Did my heart race faster? No, but it wasn't a lifeless beat. Did it turn out to be a fantastic night because of the good looks? No, but it wasn't a boring night.

Conclusion, I brought myself a trophy home that night. I dated a hottie, once and for all. I wondered if these are the thoughts that goes into a man's mind, when he rarely date a hottie, and have finally done it once and for all.