Friday, April 15, 2011

GoodHope Skudai Hotel

First night in the hotel, the air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROL went missing. Nope, the room wasn't hot, but the other way round. It was a total freezer. Called up the guest service to be informed that there was nothing that they could do about the room temperature or changing of rooms for the night. Put on my sweater, curled myself up in the blanket and that was how I spend my first freezing night in this lousy hotel named, GoodHope Skudai Hotel.

Second night in the hotel, after my complaints, they gave me some options. It's either I move to a room with a double bed but five floors away from my colleagues or I move to another room with a single bed but on the same floor with my colleagues. I prefer a double bed, with the convenience of rolling around it with my laptop as I watch movies till I knock myself out in deep sleep. Arrr but then, I chickened out. Five floors seemed a bit far from the rest. Hence, I ended myself up in the single but STINKY bed. And there goes another rough night.

The third night and the third room switched in this hotel, with myself being probably the most demanding customer in this barely 3-star hotel. This time, the room is fine, although overall it's still lousy and below my expectations of a decent hotel room. Rested myself in the DOUBLE bed room with an air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROLLER and a glass of Highland whiskey purchased from the Duty-free zone, I managed to relax myself.

As my thoughts wonder in this hotel room, the scene or situation seems familiar to me. In was as though in 2007, when I was a freshie doing my first audit client in JB. And the reminiscences flashed vividly in my mind.