Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The daunting Burberry case

Forgotten how it all began, but the idea of him buying me a gift was one of our topics of the night. I love presents, who wouldn't?

Within days, we ended up strolling in the Gardens. Walked in to the Mac City to get myself a universal dock, but the accessory wasn't design to work like the way I thought it would. Which was a perfect excuse for me, as I already have another item sitting in my literal shopping cart.

The gorgeous Burberry purse was what I wanted. Drop him some subtle hints and we were there queuing in front of the Burberry shop. With one hand holding me and the other hand fidgeting with his phone (he's a total anti-social gadget person), we stood in the line for a few minutes. In that few minutes, out of nowhere, I seemed to be daunted by the Burberry purse as a gift.

 I turned to him and say, "Let's go, I don't feel like queuing to get in to the Burberry shop." I'm such a liar. Egoistic, I wouldn't want a gift just because I knew I couldn't afford it. I'll just stick to my lousy DKNY purse with my head held high as I walk away from the Burberry shop. I'll get that check print purse some other day, when I can afford it or with someone I'm more comfortable with.