Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Devil wears PRADA

Today marks the day when I own my first designer purse with an authenticity certificate card. My first time is a PRADA.

The purse wasn't a gift from B but a personal installment plan. Being a typical girl, I wished it was a gift. But in the end, with the installment plan offered, I don't mind as well, thinking at the end of the day, I do not want an expensive gift to complicate our young relationship. Initially I asked him if I could loan his credit card for the installment plan. Honestly, the request for loan is not a plot to get the purse as a gift from him. Coincidently, C couldn't offer me her credit card for installment plan due to financial reasons. Much to my dismayed, after I asked B, he told me he couldn't as well. And somewhere in between, in turned out to be a personal installment plan from him. At this point, I would say, it marks the first time that I get a personal installment plan from my ** as well.

Looking at both the first times I had today, an idea popped up to my mind. Let's make it a thrice! I shall post pictures to my blog for the first time, which shall be my proudly owned PRADA.

The gold PRADA logo goes oh-so-well with the red leather. Snapped it with Leme Leme application from my Iphone, adding the effect of light leak camera, KIR royal lens and black standard frame, my PRADA purse looks magnificent and artistic.

Tried another one with tilt shift camera, KIR royal lens and classic frame....

As per actual, without any application effects, it doesn't very look artistic but it's a piece of art from PRADA.

This evening, upon receipt of the FEDEX parcel in my hands, B told me, "You could've own an Ipad instead of this."

I replied him, "I don't need an iPad. I need a PRADA."

With my notes, coins, receipts, identity cards, driving license, ATM cards, credit cards, member cards and etc stashed in, it's good to go and ready for use!

Enough of playing time for me. Time to work twice as hard to work up the hole I've burnt in my purse. The old purse, of course ;D