Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mastering the "Benefit of Doubt"

Went through some posts from my Iphone today, forgotten what applications they were, but somewhere in between I saw the phrase that the benefit of doubt came from the Bible..

I'm not a Christian or Catholic, whichever way, I'm not very religious. Talking a half guess, I kinda understood the meaning when C quoted it to me for the umpteenth time while we were a couple.

He always complained that I'd never gave him the benefit of doubt. Why should I? Those were one of the thoughts back then. For me to give him the benefit of doubt, I thought he should do something to prove that he deserved it. But based on his historical statistics, he didn't manage to earn that "BENEFIT".

But today, as I were chatting happily away with WY on some small talks and updates of my relationship with B, she said, "Your tolerance and patience limits with B is quite high. Given the same situation with C, I think he could've ended up with various stitches on his head." God knows which incident she was referring to and I shall not go back there to tell a story which is simply a "HISTORY" now.

Now that I'm about to call it a day and rest myself in the bed, this thought came to me...
I give you the benefit of doubt. I thought these words will never come out of my mouth or cross my mind, but they did. ** Applause **