Sunday, July 31, 2011

12 hours back-to-back

  • Started off with Kota D'sara
  • Complained non-stop to WY that I didn't have enough of sleep
  • Got lost while heading to KL. We went from talkative, to trying to entertain each other, to impatient and finally to silence! (Hunger shut us up)
  • Risk ourselves with a petrol-ran-out-case (praying hard at each slope that AFU won't die out in the middle of Tun Razak),
  • Had Ramen in Fahrenheit (WY probably Ramen OD by now)
  • Shopped in Fahrenheit, Sephora & Pavillion (WY is strong-willed. Applause*)
  • Visited Japan Street. Had Wasabi ice-cream food testing. Later, realised food in most outlet were sold out
  • Strolled the carpark for awhile looking for AFU. We were in such a rush for lunch earlier that we didn't bother remembering AFU's location. (Cat's quote came to my mind at that moment: Glutony could kill us one day)
  • With the eat-beef-all-you-can inspiration from Japan Street, tried heading to Daidomon for buffet to realise we couldn't make it on time for last call
  • Ended up in Shangri-La buffet. Budget might be slightly different but the objective is still there, eat-all-you-can. 
  • Total 12 hours back-to-back. Exhausted! Had a great day filled with silly jokes (me cursing the developers for no apparent reason, WY paranoid on the petrol case, the kerbau taxi driver, our volatile budget and choice for dinner, WY strategy in being finance savvy, etc)
And WY commented in FB: *clicked 'LOVE'*