Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school

I'm not going to write a long story (like I usually do) of me being a newbie today. I don't want to have a vivid recollection of my importunate demands of my ideal working environment on the very first day of work. But then, a subtle recollection of conversations with friends does no harm.

So here goes H's call with me at 1:48pm

H: Hey, how's it going on?
Me: Fine.
H: Ok, I get your tone. You are in the office and it's not convenient to talk. 
Me: Ok, bye.

And then my message with WY at 3:36pm

WY: How's first day?
Me: Hmmm. Blur. Lol.

Thereafter my message with SV at 4:20pm

SV: Hey, how's your job??? Ok?
Me: First day nia. Don't know yet.

And then B's messages with me at 6:18pm

B: In Milan now. Just checked in. Need a shower first. How's your first day baby!?
Me: Milan 23 degrees. Fashion City. I'm jealous already. Souvenir have to be LV jor... Lol. Just joking... 1st day is boring. Hmm... Very operational stuff. The working environment is for married people. Sigh. But I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover huh. Give it 3 mths trial. Update you more next time on phone. And I thought you've forgotten about my first day... Hehe... Thanks & muacks. Have Fun
B: Whats app later after I sort out.

And then B never get back to me. Miserable me. When IK's message popped up, the childish me who was by then deprived of attention went loud and full blast at 7:22pm

IK: How is first day? Newbie...
Me: Tiring
IK: Do what on first day? Until so tired
Me: Listen to people talk. 
IK: .....
Me: And speak. Burst my talking, listening & questioning quota of the day. Zzzz.... And I can't live a day without pc / laptop. Which I did today. 
IK: :s
Me: And I miss PwC my comfort zone. Change resistant. You know... And I'm not used to an office filled with aunties shouting at each other on supply chain management. Zzzz.... That's about it. Laments for my first day. I need a beer ~~~ Lol
IK: Sounds like you had a fun filled day. More to come on second day. Good that you've finally!! Moved out of your comfort zone... Haha.. A day without a laptop can be killer... 
Me: Tell me about it T_T
IK: Beer ah... You'd find every excuse to get a beer won't ja. Aren't you still recovering from flu?
Me: Cured. By my new company. 
IK: Cured my ass!! Overnight
Me: Boredom cure flu. Never hear before meh
IK: .. Must be some kind of PY logic. You've have to explain to me next time you see me. Boredom can kill a person.. Not flu. But since today is your first day of work... Anything goes.. Hehe
Me: Speechless**
IK: Haha. So today you finish work early I gather
Me: Already at home la. If not how to be so responsive in what's app
IK: You already say nothing to do in office. So can what's app anytime
Me: Office hour is 8.30am to 5.30pm. FYI.
IK: Yes yes. I know you a very law abiding citizen.
Me: Memang. This is probably the first time I talk so much to you on what's app. You see the effect of this job on me?!?!
IK: So is that a good thing or bad?
Me: You say leh
IK: You choose the direction one wor. I was the one who was on sideline supporting. So memang talking to me is a bad thing now lar. Sigh
Me: Not that la... Never mind. 3 months trial. Like pc software. Ask me the same question again in Dec :) Hahaha. Geng. I just cheered myself up :)
IK: So meaning my next what's app message can only be in Dec.
Me: Lol. You still working izit?
IK: Nah... Couldn't concentrate... So went for dinner. You eaten, eating? 
Me: Neither. Diet. :P
IK: Diet but can think of beer....
Me: Liquid diet. PY philosophy. :P
IK: You outspoke me today in so many ways
Me: Thank you. Haha. Enjoy your dinner

Not exactly a short post isn't it (I know, I know.... ). But it's still subtle (in a doubtful tone). Haha, whatever.... It's worth remembering. I feel loved and cared for, friends. And that's partly because I blast out a FB status today stating....

"First day of school"