Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cracking the Girl's Code

Girl's code. I think kinda broken that within these few weeks.

Perhaps I've done too much or said too much. Whatever I've said and done, I'm pretty sure I'm not trying to be nice just so that I can have a few more drinking friends. If I want a beer with companionship, I'll fucking go and have the beer. I don't need anybody's permission. 

I'm being nice and putting up with your snappish attitude because you are my friend and I'm generally protective of my friends. 

I could easily take your side with couple of white lies. But I didn't. I've chosen to be honest, just so that you can take a step back and stop being stubborn and angry, which at the end of the day would benefit yourself. Perspective differences. That would be the preferred way of me describing the situation. Not taking any sides.

Given the circumstances, you made it pretty clear that honesty is not the best policy. Fine, I'll just zip it up. Not commenting and not conveying any messages that I think you ought to know.