Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tentatively: Singapore in 2012

The first time I've thought of leaving Malaysia was when I was a teenager. In those days, just like most teenagers do, I would day dream about furthering my studies in one of those western countries. Why did I had that thought in my mind back then? Being a confused teenager, I was looking forward to the day when I return from my studies as a totally revamped and different person. Teenagers... They just try so hard to be "different" but in fact they are just a bunch of fools.

The second time I've thought of leaving Malaysia was when I was a young adult. I wanted so much to be an air-hostess so that I will be given the chance to see the world. I got the offer but I chickened out. Why did I chickened out? I had a heavy heart for my group of good friends and my studies. I thought I was pretty smart with my slightly above average academic results and could go further with my studies which would promise me a brighter future and better profession than an air-hostess.

After almost 10 years in KL, I'm now experiencing my third time of thinking about leaving Malaysia again. I know I'm no longer a fool. And I hope I won't chicken out again. I'm not the kind of person whom can easily move out of her own comfort zone. As I usually quote myself to others, I'm change resistance. But looking at my debts, I guess it's a critical situation requiring critical remedy to it. Given the choice, without all the debts, I would happily settle in KL for the rest of my single life. But I guess my life is not a bed of roses. It's time. Singapore in 2012.