Monday, October 10, 2011

Unconditional Love

Who made what I am today?

  • She introduced me to TVB while I learn how to walk. Thanks to her I now stay up late till morning just to complete whichever TVB series I'm watching.
  • She whipped me mercilessly when I told my first lie. Thanks to her whipping, I suck in lying today.
  • I would throw a tantrum due to the noises of her mahjong playing. She will obediently stop once I complain. Thanks to her putting up with me, I graduate with above average results.
  • She worked her ass off trying to payoff my bills. I saw corns on her fingers and toes because she worked too hard. Felt a knife cut through my heart when I realise I caused her so much paint on her joints and back, just because I was fucking rebellious. 
  • I watched her back as she was preparing my favourite meal, perspire on her forehead, with all the heat from cooking. I doubt I would be able to cook her an equally tasty dish.
She's my mom.