Monday, January 31, 2011

My choices of men/women so far....

Let's take a look at the blueprints of my choices of men/women:

1. He was a shy boy, though he excelled in his studies. We went out for about a week, and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he couldn't decide where we should go for lunch. And I was only 13.

2. She was with specs and quite a talkative person. We talked on the phone for hours and hours. We went out for the first date, and I broke it off with her. Reason being, it's plainly odd to be holding hands with a girl. And I've turned 14.

3. He had exotic looks and I gave my first kiss to him. I have yet to pick up smoking back then and when we kissed, I thought I kissed an ashtray. We went out for about a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he didn't turn out on a valentine's date. And I was still 14.

4. He was tall, approximately 6 feet. I had my first orgasm with him, though we were not having sex. We wend out for about 2 months and I broke it off with him. Reason being, hmm... he was quite a bore? And I was still 14 again.

5. He rode a lousy motorbike but yet he was the most gentleman of all. We started with a slow dance and a french kiss. As a teenager, he was my mom's favorite, of all my puppy love. We went out for about 4 months and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he told me he didn't want to go oversea or outstation after his studies, so that he can be with me. He scared the commitment shit out of me. And I was still 14 again and again....

6. He had long hair and was influential with friends. After dating for a week, he stopped picking up my calls and disappeared from my life. Few months later, I bumped into him to be informed with a lame excuse, his friends disapproved us dating each other. I was 14. Because of him, I stopped dating anyone for quite some time.

7. He drove a satria and had a weird nickname, something to do with him keeping his nails long. We dated for a few days and I broke it off with him. Reason being, his hands were too smooth for a man and it was weird when we hold hands for the first time. I was 15.

8. He introduced me to the song "Fire" and he recorded a music tape for me. He was sweet. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, my best friend didn't get along with his best friend, thus I barely had time for him. I was 15 again.

9. He was the fairest of all and he was the first to make it till 12 months. He was very sad when we separated. We separated because I thought it's time for me to move on from a man that doesn't have a stable job. I was 16.

10. He drove a sport car and was very into WWF. We dated for a few weeks. I took a bus all the way to KL to meet him on a special day. We broke it off right after the KL visit. Reason being, he presume I wasn't a V and should not hold it long till I sleep with him. I was 17 then.

11. He can rap like eminem and he doesn't understand chinese. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, he asked me which handphone I would prefer him to use and which colour I like to see him wearing. I was 18.

12. He's cute though he's always in mood swing. We dated for a month and I broke it off with him. Reason being, while he was in his mood swing, he threw a bottle at my best friend's car. I was 19.

13. He was quite a drinker. He was the sweetest of all. Always a "Yes" man. Always eager to satisfy my demanding needs. We went through four years and ended it uglily. I smashed a bottle in his head after we broke up. I was 20.

14. He was the first guy I dated since I entered the working world. Of all, he was the most rational and most decent..... Shall not comment further. I was 25.

I still...., but not...

I still get worried, but not worried sick.

I still get angry, but not burning with anger.

I still get jealous, but not green in colour.

I still get disappointed, but I don't sigh.

I still get upset, but not to the extend that my heart aches.

I still get insomnia, but not filled with tears.

The only thing that is not changing, is that I still have a can of beer next to me, and a ciggie in my hand. I thought to myself, if I could quit the beer and ciggie, I could quit any other habits that doesn't add value ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

This curious mind of mine

There's so much sweet, considerate and caring stuff that he / she has done. But somehow, at times, there's this cold shoulder from him / her...

If only I could kill this curious mind of mine... Then I can't and the same question keeps popping and re-popping to myself.

"What is going on in the other person's mind?"

And I thought to myself, time could have been spent better on others, rather than all these silly doubts of mine.

Coffee stain

Went to work late, rushing in to the office and as I fetched myself a cup of coffee from the vendor machine, I clumsily spilled the whole cup of coffee onto my white shirt. I re-entered the office, feeling embarrassed with my massively stained shirt. And I felt that my bad day has just begun.....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Audience of my posts

And I wonder who owns the iphone which is viewing on my posts... FYI, we can check statistics of audiences by browsers... (i.e. internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, iphone, etc)

Whoever it is, it's either you are concern, or you have nothing better to do for your day, or you just happen to bump into mine. Either way, thanks for killing a bunch of boring minutes of your day for the craps I've written here. Hopefully, you are not somebody that I'm very close with...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Various cup of teas

She said, "Y is totally not your cup of tea right?"

I replied, "Yeah, if he were to be a cup of tea, he would've been a cup of raspberry tea. My least favorite."

And I thought to myself, if K were to be a cup of tea. He would definitely fit in the category of a green tea.

C? That would be a mug of beer. Chilling but yet fattening and bad for health.

The thing is, when will I quit beer for green tea.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My narcissistic friend

While I was chilling out with my narcissistic friend, he went on and on about stories of how successful he is right now (which I don't agree, perhaps in the future I will).....

He mentioned something about the solution to indecisiveness. One of it was to write down the cons (mind the pros) in a piece of paper and that would somehow help you in making up your mind. The trick to it is to write it down in a piece of paper. Your brain working around the cons would not be effective without that tiny piece of paper.

Doesn't make sense right? Yeah, he's full of shit. But though he's full of shit, there were other advises from him that night which seemed to have more sensibility in it. But I prefer to blog about his craps :P