Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beatles-I want to hold your hand

Let's bid goodbye to Jason Mraz-I'm Yours and say welcome to Beatles-I want to hold your hand

And I kept humming the tunes in my head... I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand

Monday, April 25, 2011

A date with a hottie

I've never dated a hottie. Have always tell myself that we shouldn't be shallow minded and should look beyond the physical appearance. Perhaps there should be a change of how I do things or see things. And C showed me a hands up, agreeing to the point.

And there I went for a date with a hottie. He wasn't dressed up. All casual. As he talked to me, I looked as though I was paying my fullest attention, while my thoughts and eyes went adrift. Scrutinized his features. He was once a hottie, as I remember it well. As years passed by, with all the smoking, partying hard and ageing, the hot-ness has wear off a lil bit. But overall, the attractiveness is still there.

Conversations were light hearted. There were some quiet moments. I felt that it was awkward. We sat ourselves at one corner in McD, as I silently triumphed over the fact that I'm dating a hottie...

Did my heart race faster? No, but it wasn't a lifeless beat. Did it turn out to be a fantastic night because of the good looks? No, but it wasn't a boring night.

Conclusion, I brought myself a trophy home that night. I dated a hottie, once and for all. I wondered if these are the thoughts that goes into a man's mind, when he rarely date a hottie, and have finally done it once and for all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My birthday invitation

"I'll turn 28 on Saturday night. To evident this moment, please make yourself present in Alive, Sunway tomorrow at 10pm. My birthday wish: Free flow all night long for PY. Cheers~"
And I blasted the message to close friends who are most likely to make it there

Friday, April 15, 2011

GoodHope Skudai Hotel

First night in the hotel, the air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROL went missing. Nope, the room wasn't hot, but the other way round. It was a total freezer. Called up the guest service to be informed that there was nothing that they could do about the room temperature or changing of rooms for the night. Put on my sweater, curled myself up in the blanket and that was how I spend my first freezing night in this lousy hotel named, GoodHope Skudai Hotel.

Second night in the hotel, after my complaints, they gave me some options. It's either I move to a room with a double bed but five floors away from my colleagues or I move to another room with a single bed but on the same floor with my colleagues. I prefer a double bed, with the convenience of rolling around it with my laptop as I watch movies till I knock myself out in deep sleep. Arrr but then, I chickened out. Five floors seemed a bit far from the rest. Hence, I ended myself up in the single but STINKY bed. And there goes another rough night.

The third night and the third room switched in this hotel, with myself being probably the most demanding customer in this barely 3-star hotel. This time, the room is fine, although overall it's still lousy and below my expectations of a decent hotel room. Rested myself in the DOUBLE bed room with an air-conditioner REMOTE CONTROLLER and a glass of Highland whiskey purchased from the Duty-free zone, I managed to relax myself.

As my thoughts wonder in this hotel room, the scene or situation seems familiar to me. In was as though in 2007, when I was a freshie doing my first audit client in JB. And the reminiscences flashed vividly in my mind.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Princess Sickness

There's this latest saying in the Hongkie series, "The Princess Sickness."

Watching the series, the "Princess" would be someone who has never taken a bus, someone who will only wear branded clothes, someone who know nuts about cooking and washing, someone who believes that good quality comes with a pricey tag that she can always afford to pay, someone who has a servant/slave to attend to her at all times and etc etc.

Living in this hectic world, which girl would not wish they have this "Princess Sickness" in themselves? I wish I'm severely infected with this sickness and there is no way to cure it. But alas, a knock on my head, reality hits me. And I should hit the bed and begin my next day living far far away from the "Princess" world.