Saturday, May 21, 2011

A strange rule of closeness among people

Friends, these are the people that I will not stay mad at for a long time. Irregardless of whether he or she would leave my bathroom in a mess. Irregardless of whether how many times he or she stood me up for other friends. Irregardless of whether he or she remembers my birthday or not. Irregardless of whether the both of us are at the other end of the world from each other. At most, I would describe him or her as a friend whom has grown apart through time. But I would never describe him or her as someone that I have "de-friend".

Family, these are the people that I will never ever be mad at. Irregardless of whatever unpleasant actions they have done to me. I can never tell people that I have de-family my parents or siblings just because there were some unpleasant experience. 

Aha... There goes the boyfriend / girlfriend thingy. Just because the other person aren't punctual on dates or just because the other person can't bear with each other's living habits or just because there's this regional barrier or just because of whatever petty reasons, people can actually "de-partner" their partner. That's weird. People can be forgiving to most of the people, but yet they can't be forgiving to their closest and most intimate partner. It's strange how the closer you are the easier it is for you to push each other apart.

Or at least that's what I thought.